Jam Session 05: Pack a Jam for the Weekend

Jam Session 05

Hey Runners and Bolters! We’re getting back into the swing of things around here, regular episodes coming soon! Till then jam out with these Runners!

Dylan(Prod. by Natsu Fuji)
Genworldgaming – Dylan

Tale Of John The Fisherman ( Prod. Mata )
No_17 – Tale-of-john-the-fisherman-prod-mata

Charmm & MikeJack
Talk my shit
Charmmandmikejack – Talk-my-shit-1

Kingsize the Vet and Dar?-?Ken – Dark Side of God
from Destructive Forces by Kingsize the Vet and DJ Taiyouken

Shrine (produced by Kisai The Spooniest Bard)
Demon-eyes-kyo – Shrine-produced-by-kisai-the-spooniest-bard

Amber Hill
Money Making Mitch
Iam_amberhill – Money-making-mitch

Going Off | Auti Ver.| (Prod by E-CRVCK)

Lik [email protected]¥
Selling Dreams
Lik1way – Selling-dreams

Lé Real 現実
Say No More (prod. Shogonodo)
Nikon9200 – Say-no-more-prod-shogonodo

Black Kunoichi II (Prod. Bster x Yaguru)
Frivolousshara – Black-kunoichi-ii-prod-bster-x-yaguru

Danny 全能 Phantom
ZeroTwo (Prod. By SpacedTime)
Almighty-phantom – Zerotwo-prod-by-spacedtime

Säge, The 64th Wonder
MANOS (prod. Emperor Bohe)
The64thwonder – Manos-prod-emperor-bohe

Scotty Wu & The Epitome

Living Legend Ft. RhymeArtist
Nytexing – Living-legend-ft-rhymeartist

Nakama Music Group
Musashi Miyamoto Ft. Kryciz [prod Jvst X]
Nakamamusicgroup – Musashi-miyamoto-ft-kryciz

Cloud Runners
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Hello, World! We are the Cloud Runners! Our mission is to jam out with local, domestic and international artists. We don't really listen to the radio anymore; we're always on here listening to you guys! So we hope you enjoy the playlist we come up with and the banter we have. Plus, each episode will have an interview with one of you guys! Send your music to [email protected] so we can get to jamming!
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