Is Tim Lincecum back?

By: Jacob Fain

When looking at most starting pitchers in the Major leagues most of them have one thing in common; they’re very tall. Just look at our last MVP Clayton Kershaw. the man stands 6′ 3″. The average height of an MLB player is 6′ 1″. Continuing to look at the giants that dominate our game, Adam Wainwright is a staggering 6′ 7″.

Another example is Justin Verlander who is a bit smaller at six foot five. From 2008 to 2010 one young man who stands only 5′ 11″ changed the game. Tim Lincecum was a late draft pick of the San Francisco Giants and really took the MLB world by storm winning two Cy Young awards and a World Series title in that span. But that is in the past and we all know when it comes to professional sports its what have you done for me lately and due to some nagging injuries and some sub par seasons Tim Lincecum was dropped from the Giant’s starting five. Now these last couple of years Timmy has thrown two no-hitters and added two more world series rings to his resume, but still he hasn’t been a sure fire ace. This year may be different, heck I hope its different! Tim had a nice spring but it really was his first start of the year that lead me to believe he could be pretty good even thought it was against the Padres who he has owned over his career, and if he had been able to have one run pushed across in his seven innings of work he would of came out with a win. Now after one start you can’t just say a guy is back I know that but the way he pitched looked a lot better than he had in years he looked dare I say consistent? I’m not 100% sure he’s back but just know he may be somebody to watch this year!

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