Is the One And Done Rule on the way out in College Basketball?

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By: Julio Olmo

The future of the One And Done Rule is going to be decided by NBA money, not NCAA morality.

I have skin in the drama surrounding the rule, so I can speak of it from a position of certainty.

One of my Growing Up Philly Brothers‘ life was dramatically change, when the NBA established the rule.

Because of his immaturity at that time, he brought great deal of unnecessary affliction on himself, but after years of walking around with that Best That Never Was Cloud hanging over his head, he’s finally in a good place mentally.

He’s still an egomaniac and a pain in the ass, but as they saying goes;

He’s our egomaniac and pain in the ass.

Guys like Tracy McGrady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard …to name just few were being drafted directly out high school by the NBA back in those days, so he got the idea through his thick skull that he was not going follow the guidelines of any One And Done Rule.

When all he had to do was maintain an above mediocre grade point average, sign a letter agreeing to go a mid-major school, keep his nose clean for whole year, wait get invite to an NBA camp and then let his vast talents speak for themselves.

Instead of becoming a freaking Shakespearean figure by stubbornly refusing to do any of those things.

NBA demanding that kids attend college for a minimum of one year was predicated because teams were losing money on unprepared – very unprepared! – prospects for the demanding rigors, physically and financially of NBA life.

That is the real reason.

The rule was established because the NBA is a business.

The only reason is even being questioned now is because of the many charges of corruptions.

The One And Done Rule is on the way out , but the minimum age of 19 concept will remain.

Asking the NBA and its players’ union to remove the age restriction on players declaring them eligible for the NBA draft is basically barking at the moon.

The NBA’s was already working on expanding its developmental league, the G League.

It has grown to 26 teams, each tied to an NBA parent club and next season, that number will increase to 27 after a Washington Wizards affiliate begins play.

It shouldn’t be long before the Portland Trail Blazers, Denver Nuggets and New Orleans Pelicans — the final three NBA franchises without G League teams — also get in the act, giving the NBA a true minor league system, like baseball and hockey.

The more talented college players will decide to go the G League route because it is clearly the better career path to the NBA.

It won’t happen overnight, but change is coming.

What it’s also going happen is that Blue Blood Division I programs will have to scout and recruit better because March Madness is going to be even more competitive, imagine that!


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