Is the Hype Real?

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By: Joe Cardoso

Is the “Hype” real?

We all are always on the go these days. Twenty-four hours just isn’t enough time to do all the things we do on a normal day. If you are one who hits the gym at 9 AM and then must rush to get to work an hour later, this product is for you.

Introducing HyperGO wipes; the wipes for people on the go.

HyperGo is the baby of 16-year-old Freddy Bunkers an up and coming entrepreneur who was looking for a way to enjoy rides home from his rugby tournments without being a sweaty mess. How cool is THAT? A high school athlete  who comes up with his own idea and brand to make things better for his fellow athletes.

Paying it forward and having a postive impact on the community is a big deal, and some companies talk a good game with zero action. Well not HyperGo Freddy and his team but thier money where there mouth is they sent aside a portion of profits to help send local kids to sports camps. In my opinion it is important to get kids into sports and active at an early age it helps them in so many ways.

Based out of Oakland, California, these super durable wipes are a life saver when there’s no time for a shower. First things first, the wipe itself is big…I mean literally BIG. 12”X12” to be exact! The perfect size to get you clean from head to toe, they don’t have an overpowering smell and they restore your body’s pH balance and moisture.

Compared to a normal sheet of printer paper


As a full-time kitchen manager, I work hard and the job gets dirty. One thing about most people in the service industry is we love our happy hours, but who wants to go to the local spot smelling like work? I use my HyperGo wipes to feel confident and fresh after work. The wipes contain oatmeal, aloe, and vitamin e, which are perfect for cleansing skin. They are also environment-friendly since both the wipe and the package it comes in are recyclable!

I gave samples to friends and they LOVED it! The main reason is because of its multiple uses. For example, Alex said it was just the trick to wipe down her yoga mat after class. Paul tossed it to his wife who used it as a makeup remover – that is NOT a typo!! I am a big fan of the way it doesn’t leave my skin sticky.


HyperGO wipes are definitely THE wipes for people on the go. Swing by the site and give them a go. We will never get extra hours in the day and this product is perfect to make sure we are always look and feel fresh!

HyperGo Links: Use the Code GetFreshAndGo1 for a discount!

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