Is Carson Wentz’s time with the Philadelphia Eagles coming to an end?

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Unbiased opinions are first and foremost in order for what is surely fixing to be many debates and arguments on this topic.

“Is Carson Wentz’s tenure as the Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback coming to an end?”

“Personally, I’m a fan of Carson Wentz, but nobody can tell me he gives this Philadelphia Eagles team a better chance to win than Foles. Nick has brought them to the promise land, and the team looks better in every category (minus balls forced to Zack Ertz) under Foles. The Eagles need to trade Wentz to the Jaguars, try to get a lot back for him. He’s too good to be a backup, but he needs a change of scenery. The Eagles are a much better team without him.”, Allan Erickson

“Carson Wentz is the Mustang that can’t even get around the block while Foles is the punch buggy still going strong at 100k. Hard to admit mega trade up to a one was a bust but pragmatism wins out in end in any human endeavor”, Jeffrey Newholm

“I will tell you right now you can’t argue Foles success…remember under Chip Kelly’s first year in 2013 he had 27 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. My opinion is to keep Wentz. The Eagles have two starting QBs but Wentz is the future, start Foles the rest of the year then let him go help another team. Foles is the present…Wentz is the future.”, Monte Perez

“My feeling is should Foles win a road playoff game and compete in a second, also on the road! He has to be considered as the franchise QB. Having the back-up win a Super Bowl and not come back at the starting QB position is as rare as Tom Brady keeping the job when Bledsoe was healthy; only difference being Bledsoe was an aging QB with a contract and Wentz is a young QB with proven regular season success, not playoff with a contract.”, Ryan Foley

As a full card carrying member of Eagles Nation, except for all of the soon to be unfolding final details – I have this one cold!

  1. Jeffrey Lurie – The Boss is Eagles Nation down to the core. He’s not going to saddle his team with a quarterback controversy, ultimately either Foles or Wentz will have to move on. Don’t let the smile fool you, Jeffrey Lurie knows the buck stops with him. If you have any doubts about his resolve at making tough decisions ask Andy Reid or Chip Kelley.

  2. The Injury – No matter how the media relations department, beat reporters, players and coaches tried to spin it, that Carson Wentz injury was the only excuse head coach Doug Peterson needed to bench him for Nick Foles. I didn’t get off the plane yesterday! Announcing that Foles would be the starter at the scene, where the Eagles started their historic run through playoffs last season was not a coincidence.

  3. Wentz was playing horrible. Turning the football over at very critical times. Timing is everything in football, the only thing missing from the announcement was the Rocky Theme Song in the background. It was a definitely a rallying cry.

  4. The Aura of Nick Foles – The entire team and the fans feed off it. They don’t call him St. Nick for no reason. Nick Foles delivered once again by guiding the Eagles to an improbable playoff berth. Win or lose at Soldier Field next, he has added to his aura. He’s playing with house money right now.



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