Insecure Series Review


By: James Graves

Insecure is the newest HBO series to take viewers by storm. It is the brain child of Issa Rae (Awkward black girl) and Larry Wilmore (Nightly Show). Insecure is almost like a spin-off of her web series awkward black girl. Insecure stars Issa as Issa in all her awkward glory. The show follows her as she explores new areas in her career, relationship, and friendships.

Now the show stars Issa but it’s important to note that the show also focuses on her boyfriend Lawrence, and her best friend Molly. Molly is a corporate lawyer and enjoying career success but her arc focuses on the problems and struggles she has in her dating life. Issa is a committed relationship so her arc focuses on her relationship and also the troubles she has at her job at a non-profit organization. Lawrence’s arc focuses on his issues with Issa and his struggling tech app that he is trying to get off the ground. The show is great at balancing these three characters and giving them enough story and character development that we never really feel a reason to be attached to one over the other. The writing is also fantastic and is easily one of the best new comedy shows that debuted last year. Insecure at its heart is a look into the modern day life of Black men and women.

Now to be clear this isn’t a coming of age story or similar to other mainstay movies and TV shows that are afro-centric. If I really had to compare Insecure to any other show on the air right now I would say it’s the adult version of Blackish. Both shows do a fantastic job highlighting the fact that black people are unique in our own way but we are also relatable. Every man regardless of their race has felt moments of doubt in themselves. Everyone has felt awkward at some point in time.

Everyone has dreams, goals, and ambition. Insecure takes all of this into account as it explores different issues across each episode. If the first season is any indication we should be in for a great season two as we get into the aftermath of the “hanging best buy shirt”, and yes that is an insecure joke.

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