Summer as a civilian has officially come to an end, and I am now back in Lake Placid preparing for my Skeleton season to begin. It’s funny how all the physical preparation in the world doesn’t quite get you ready for the abrupt change in weather. Leaving Charlotte at 98 degrees only to touch down in fickle upstate New York where the temperature fluctuates from the high 50s during the day and down in the 20s at night, was a rude awakening. Spending the first couple of days recovering from traveling and getting on a routine sleep schedule is going to be crucial in getting back into the swing of training. 

I am just under two weeks before I participate in the final combine testing of the year which is the final requirement before getting on the ice. This event tests athletes in four categories: sprints, broad jump, shot toss and in the weight room. Combined, athletes have a maximum potential of scoring 800 points. This testing allows each athlete to measure his or her’s physical progression from the off-season training and compare results from previous years. If an athlete hits the established standards, the athlete can then be eligible for specific funding coverage (typical with lodging at the Olympic training center) and access to a number of resources to aid in training. To an athlete on a strict budget, it is financially beneficial to hit what standards are listed in order to qualify for any sort of funding or resources. 

It’s amazing how creative people become when you have limited resources when your dreams and goals have a big price tag. Between painting, woodworking and getting my online apparel store up and running, I have found an unexpected sense of excitement. Creating content and physical goods that people can view, wear and use, knowing it was made by me, is so thrilling and motivational to keep pushing forward. The amount of passion that went into making these pieces couped with the mindset of getting the support I needed, by any means necessary, to pursue my dream is so mind-boggling. You’ve got to hustle and you’ve got to hustle hard for your dreams, so that’s what I will continue to do!

“If you want something, go get it. Period.” – Chris Gardner

Mystique Ro
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Mystique Ro attended and graduated from Queens University of Charlotte in December of 2016 where she received her bachelors degree in Relational Communications. During her time at Queens, she was a member of the women's track and field team competing as a heptahlete. At the end of her collegiate career she joined the coaching staff for a season assisting with the sprint and jumper team. But not quite ready to retire her spikes and join her peers in the quest for finding a career, she sought opportunity to further her athletic endeavors. She now competes for Team USA as a Skeleton athlete.

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