How to fix the College Football Playoffs

college playoff

Sometimes sports imitates life so closely, that is down right scary!

Take for example the College Football Playoffs.

Where else can a very selective few, get to tell a larger and greater majority of the population how things are going to be or simply dismiss their complaints by saying:


“We’ll take everyone’s concerns under advisement and consider making future changes, however…No Promises!”


So deciphering that lame statement and putting it in more understandable terms, we can safely assume that the same clueless and outdated individuals, who thought that creating a College Football Playoff format in the first place, (but were enormously proven wrong!) was bad for the game, now know what’s best for all of us and will let everyone know when (and if!) expansion is really needed.

At this point, not expanding the College Football Playoffs it’s just plain ridiculous, but don’t take my word for it…Lots other folks think so also:


Joel Klatt offers up solutions to fix the sport | THE HERD


Rich Eisen’s Plan to Fix the College Football Playoff


The four team playoff had not come without some controversy in the past, usually over who deserves to be in it, but this season it has really malfunction.


The Full Monte Football Show with Monte Perez


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Making The Cut With Mook
Making The Cut With Mook ~ Marcus Washington


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