How To Build An NBA Super Team!

Rumorville is buzzing

Building a Super Team

There was already lots speculation preceding Cleveland Cavaliers elimination about what Lebron James next destination would be, now it will become a Category 5 Storm of Speculation about the next NBA Super Team!

Building a Super Team is a very inexact science. It’s like – for example – the NBA Draft, the only difference is that the players have NBA resumes already unlike the college kids, but there’s no way to tell if members of the Super Team are going to play well together.

I’ve seen it work and…I’ve also seen it fail miserability!

The Philadelphia Sixers added Moses Malone to an All-Star roster and went on to win a NBA title, but the Sixers turned out to be One Hit Wonders.

Mark Aguirre joined the Detroit Pistons and they won the title in strong fashion.

Lebron James joined the Miami Heat and they won a couple titles, so Kevin Durant joining the Golden State Warriors and the Warriors winning a couple titles it’s hardly ground breaking, but with all of the social media exposure of The Decision, the days of quietly building a Super Team are long gone.

Must be Hell to play cards with Lebron James because he has the best poker face in the NBA, but here we go anyway:

  •  Sixers were in mix ’till the Colangelo mess broke out, at this point in his career Lebron doesn’t need deal with anymore front office drama.
  • Lakers are an ideal destination, but personally with the Lavar Ball circus being in town I don’t know about that one.
  • Rumorville however is buzzing!…about one his children already being enroll in a Los Angeles School!!!

  • Rockets were also an excellent choice, but CP3’s agent done lost his mind and wants a max deal for his client, which it’s financially irresponsible and it’s not going to happen.

That leaves, drum roll please…The Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs!

  • Dwayne Wade is a close personal friend and Father Prime has reach out to The Chosen once before, so he has the juice to pull this off again and also to lure another high tier NBA Free Agent, like for example a Paul George to South Beach, but…
  • Lebron has never played for a good coach in his entire NBA career and Gregg Popovich is the GOAT, so there it is!

To quote good friend,

“In addition to being old school, I’m also old…so I know a lot!”, The Coach, Mickey Clayton

The Coach probably has forgotten more things ’bout basketball than I’ll ever know!, Hahaha

Written by The Voice of One! ~ Julio Olmo


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