Hey Runners! We’ve found a new home!


Here we are, our first post on the fine establishment that is Nuts and Bolts Sports! For those that run with us, you know how this goes but for our new runners allow me to break it down. My name is Jhony Allen West, I and my partner Blaze have started this podcast/Radio Show because we were tired of hearing the great artist of the underground not getting the recognition they deserve! So we got some equipment and set up shop in our ragtag home base and have become a tether to all those in the cloud! So please come take a listen and enjoy artist like NyteXing (https://soundcloud.com/nytexing) Lunxch (https://soundcloud.com/lunxchraps) The Epitome (https://soundcloud.com/theepitomekc) and many many more! So without further ado here is our latest episode of Cloud Runners!


Jam Session 02: Nuts and Bolts Alliance

Hey Runners!

Here’s a special jam session for you with some great news! we are now apart of Nuts and Bolts Sports!

Nuts and Bolts Sports

Beats today provided by: Bster Da Gawd

LA Dub Z
Hurt Like This AOC Feat. CookieeKawaii *Prod By Craig*
Ladubz – 3-hurt-like-this-aoc-feat-cookieekawaii-prod-by-craig

Rhyme Artist ©
Hyd-RA (Prod By CJ Beats)
Rhymeartist – Hyd-ra

GenWorldGaming(Super Weather Channel)
Moses (Prod. By Asis Galvin)
Genworldgaming – Moses-prod-by-asis-galvin

my JAM ft. Detox The Kid • Prod. Mantra
Djdaxmusic – Casebycasereviewidhatemetoo

Richie Branson
Mortal Kombat X Song “Finish Him”
Richiebranson – Mortal-kombat-x-song-finish-him

内側の村 okumura.
my cable box dusty af (prod. OmarCameUp & Inoue-kun)
Theinnervillage – My-cable-box-dusty-af-prod-omarcameup-inoue-kun

Movin’ prod God’s HAND

Like That V.2 (feat Yasuke)[Prod by bsterthegawd x jvst x]
Thomasworrells – Like-that-v2-feat-yasukeprod-by-bsterthegawd-x-jvst-x

Buster Sword (Prod. By Richie Branson)
Nytexing – Buster-sword-prod-by-richie-branson

Jhony Allen West the Sketch|S.M.G.
King Kai Fist|Prod God’s Hand
Jhonypanama – King-kai-fistprod-gods-hand

Lets Get Munny
from #eMoMotional by Mo Mo

Lé Real 現実
White Testarossa w/ NxxxxxS (Spotify)
Nikon9200 – White-testarossa-prod-nxxxxxs

Feel Good (Ft. LA Dub Z)[Prod. Blankz]
Frivolousshara – Feel-good-ft-la-dub-zprod-blankz

Cloud Runners
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