Happy Birthday Derek Jeter, Why sports needed you…


Written by: LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

“Coming up to bat, Number Two, Derek Jeter, Number Two.”

Ah how those words are missed in Yankee Stadium, especially today of all days. It is Derek Jeter’s Birthday and he turns 41 today, one year older than I am. Derek Jeter handled himself with class, integrity, was never linked to steroids or anything troublesome, had some of the greatest moments in playoff history, dated some of the hottest women to walk the earth, oh yeah and just an average baseball player who is no question a first ballot hall of famer when his time arrives


Derek Jeter was not afraid to get that pretty boy face messed up, even to the point of being bloody because the love he had for the game and for winning was far and beyond anything his face was worth. And THAT is saying something considering his resume of women that Derek Jeter has dated.




Derek Jeter may have had some “controversial” but his hard work ethic and dedication to the game cannot go un-ignored. It is why Jeter is so important to the world of sports, he worked for it, never felt entitled like most athletes today.




The playoffs were not known for going to November but one man could make you remember by one of the longest playoff games in MLB history. Mr. November Derek Jeter.




Very few were more respected than Derek Jeter. The manner he carried himself on the field with honor, humbleness and humility all while playing on the biggest stage, Yankee Stadium gained so much respect from his peers and organizations across the country.




Derek Jeter is a player who was known for his using the field and always seemed to have a flare for the dramatics. His 3,000th hit was NO exception to the rule.




When you suffered an injury that had you out for an entire season, then come back to play baseball in your late 30’s and STILL can perform just as you had before, Derek Jeter was a player who clearly was a name everyone knows and remembered.




When your hometown fans know how important your career has been. Standing in respect while clapping to show their love and appreciation to a man full of integrity.




When your most hated rival in all of sports shows the ultimate sign of respect because THEY know how much you have meant to the sport as a player AND as a person.




The world of sports no question needs more players like Derek Jeter. Players who work their butts off to get to the big leagues. NOT by taking short cuts but by hard work and dedication while keeping themselves out of trouble as the spotlight got brighter and brighter on them.




Derek Jeter is truly a role model for kids and for adults alike. He is truly missed in the world of sports. Happy Birthday DEREK JETER! DEREK JETER! DEREK JETER!




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