Guardians of the Flow Force 02 ft. Natsu Fuji & GenWorld Gaming

By: Cloud Runners

Hey Runners and NBS Readers!

This week we bring you another episode of Guardians of the Flow Force! This episode contains interviews from one of the communities heavy hitters Natsu Fuji and one of its rising artists GenWorld Gaming! Natsu Fuji has been in the community for as long as I can remember with his iconic drops and samples of whatever he can get his hands on! GenWorld by self definition is if a Sega Saturn had a Black brain and was able to move around the world. Each artist brings their own creative sound to the world and we hope you enjoy them along with all the Runners featured on this episode!




Code:436 (Prod. by Zent)
Genworldgaming – Code436-prod-by-zent

Money Green Like Piccolo – Prod. Natsu Fuji Ft.

Diggz Da Prophecy:






Maverick Da Roninn:

LA Dub Z:

Mystic Elder Maikis:


Seis the 6th Element:

Mystic Spitta:

Natsu Fuji:
Bitch Be Cool (Prod by vakxnnect)
Genworldgaming – Bitch-be-cool-prod-by-vakxnnect

LA Dub Z
Rather Die Feat. GameboyJones & Levar Allen (Erik Killmonger)*Prod By Fiori*
Ladubz – Rather-die-feat-gameboyjones-levar-allen-erik-killmongerprod-by-fiori

Immortal Sage ☕??
Beef Stew
Immortalsage – Beef-stew

Seis the 6th Element
Intergalactic rEm6x (Beasti Boi)
Seisthe6the – Intergalactic-rem6x-beasti-boi

Lunxchraps ?
Lunxchraps – Lunxchraps-prod-lunxch

Savior Monroe
Eat Off The Buzz feat. Xoo Xada Ding & Savior Monroe (prod. by Luxray)
Savior-monroe – Eat-off-the-buzz-feat-savior-monroe

Nintendo 4 (The Cypher)| FrivolousShara x Natsu Fuji
Frivolousshara – Nintendo-4-the-cypher-frivolousshara-x-natsu-fuji

Fletch as Ness (@whoisflxtch)
Mystic Elder Maikis as Game Genie (@nappyjesus)
Neb Daught Kham as Glover (@nebdaughtkham)
English T (Cameo)
AGenius as SkullKid & Dragonite (@agenius)
REXGAWD as Lucas (@rexal-jones)
Nova Da Halo Blade as Kirby (@kisai-ehrlange)
KickFlamez as Bowser (@kickflamez)
GenWorld as Bowser’s Lawyer(@kickflamez)
Drew as Villager from Animal Crossing (@iamjustdrew)
Jhony Allen West as Link (@jhonypanama)
Maverick Da Roninn as Luigi (@maverickdaroninn)
Asce Blayze as an Inkling from Splatoon (@asceblayze)
FrivolousShara as Nintendo (@frivolousshara)

Produced by: Natsu Fuji (
and FrivolousShara (@frivolousshara)


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