The Golden State Warriors: It is Time to Evolve as Fans

By: Armando “Monte” Perez


The Greatest Dynasty in the history of the NBA… according to The Sports Whisperer, (Armando “Monte” Perez) are as follows: (Please Note: I wasn’t around to see the legendary Boston Celtics of the 1960’s or the 1969& 1973 Knicks Teams).




#1) Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers- 9 NBA Finals, 5 Championships.

#2) Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls- 6 NBA Finals, 6 Championships.

#3) Tim Duncan and the San Antonio Spurs – 6 NBA Finals, 5 Championships.

#4) Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics – 5 NBA Finals, 3 Championships.

#5) LeBron James and the Miami Heat – 4 Straight Finals Appearances, 2 Championships.




The Detroit Pistons and Houston Rockets won back to back titles. The Pistons won with legendary guard Isiah Thomas and the Rockets won with Hall of Fame Center, Hakeem Olajuwon. I don’t consider these teams as dynasties because they simply didn’t make the NBA Finals enough. I don’t consider the Miami Heat an all-time great NBA team but they won 2 and made it to four straight finals. In an era that has free agents switching teams every year, what Miami did was an amazing accomplishment.



The Golden State Warriors won the NBA Championship last year by defeating an injury plagued Cleveland Cavaliers team 4 games to 2. The Warriors won 67 games during the regular season. It was the 5th highest winning percentage (.817) in the history of the NBA. As of Monday, they have a record of 24-1. This was not a fluke and this team is anything but a “one-hit” wonder. The Warriors dominated a very tough Western Conference and cruised to the playoffs to win their first title since Rick Barry’s team won it in 1974-75. The “Dubs” as they are known to their fans have been building something over the past few years. Before Steve Kerr took over as their head coach, the Warriors went to the playoffs in back to back years under Mark Jackson. When you look at great teams throughout the years, they have a tremendous nucleus of talent.




The Lakers: Magic Johnson, James Worthy and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The Bulls: Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman.

The Spurs: Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili.

The Celtics: Larry Bird, Kevin McHale and Robert Parish.

The Warriors have 4 players that make up their core who aren’t even at their playing peak yet.

PG Stephen Curry…27 years old: 1st in Scoring (32.3 PPG), 1st in Field Goals Made, 3rd in 3 Point Shooting Percentage (.458), 1st in Fast Break Points and 1st in Points off Turnovers.




SG Klay Thompson… 25 years old

SF Harrison Barnes…23 years old

PF Draymond Green…25 years old:  One of only three players in the history of the NBA to have 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists, 5 steals and 5 blocks in one game. (Hakeem Olajuwon and Derrick Coleman). Green leads his team in rebounds 8.7 and assists 7.




Great Organizations win by drafting players and letting them grow in the organization. The Spurs have been masterful at doing this over the years. The Warriors have followed this blue print and are now re-writing it.

Recently, nationally syndicated talk show host Colin Cowherd said, “He is bored with the Warriors.” He said that it is bad for basketball if they keep winning because he likes conflict in sports. I have nothing but respect for Cowherd, he is a legend in the radio business and he is still at the top of his game.




But, he is being beyond hypocritical here. This is a man (Cowherd) who praises the Patriots and the Spurs on a daily basis for being so consistent and playing at the highest level year in and year out. Colin also said, “I don’t like the three point shot, I like dunks, I like athletes like Jordan and Blake Griffin.” Again, Colin is being hypocritical. He is constantly preaching how baseball needs to evolve the way football and basketball has over the years. This is what Golden State is doing, they are evolving.  The NBA sort of splashes on to the National TV scene with their Christmas Day Games. Not anymore, The Warriors have drawn attention away from the NFL. They are good for basketball.

In 2004, the Men’s Olympic Basketball Team won the Bronze Medal. Argentina won the Gold, Italy won the Silver.  America was embarrassed and beaten by teams… not individuals. Below is Bronze Medal roster:


Allen Iverson

Stephon Marbury

Dwyane Wade

Carlos Boozer

Carmelo Anthony

LeBron James

Emeka Okafor

Shawn Marion

Amar’e Stoudemire

Tim Duncan

Lamar Odom

Richard Jefferson


Throw out James, Wade and Anthony they were all drafted in 2003. This team was filled with “Ball Stoppers” and Isolation players. Marbury, Marion, Stoudemire and Iverson all held the ball on offense and rarely made their teammates better. America got exposed in the 04’ Olympics because the world was playing as a team.

According to Wikipedia there are over 100 foreign players on NBA rosters. Kristaps Prozingis appears to be the prize rookie in last year’s draft. As a Knicks fan, I have seen him play every game. He is the quintessential European player. He is athletic, 7’3, can dribble, pass, rebound, run the floor and has unlimited range. There are no dominant low post players anymore. Dwight Howard is arguably the best back to the basket Center and up until last year he couldn’t get out of the first round of the playoffs. The Warriors are revolutionizing the game, they are evolving and changing the NBA right before our eyes. The Warriors, Rockets, Hawks and Cavaliers were all amongst the league leaders in 3 point attempts last year. Is it any wonder they all made it to the Final 4? Golden State is leading the league in FG% this season (49.6) and are 1st in 3-point shooting percentage (43.8).

What is not to love about this team? As a former college and AAU basketball coach this is everything you could want in a team. They are young, athletic, fundamentally sound and they play like a team. They are taking the Spurs philosophy of share the ball and give up a good shot for a great shot to the next level. No one cares who shoots or scores, it is all about the team first.

I am sorry Colin Cowherd and NBA Fans but get used to this team is winning a minimum of 60 games a year for the next 5 years. I still think when healthy, the Cavaliers have a great chance of beating GS in the NBA Finals, but this team is here to stay. They are the epitome of the evolution of basketball and I love it. In an era of modern sports where athletes play for their name that is on the back of their jersey’s, The Warriors play for the name on the front of their jerseys. Golden State may be changing the way the game is played, but their mentality of team first not the individual is “old school”.




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