Who Is The GOAT? It May Be Cristiano Ronaldo

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Cristiano Ronaldo just won his fourth Champions League Final this past weekend. That’s very important to today’s game, as well as the history of the game. As we look back into the history of this worldwide sport, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to not say that the Portuguese Ronaldo is the greatest of all time.

In this past Champions League Final against Juventus, Real Madrid won 4-1 behind a brace from CR7. The second of those goals put him at 600 career goals for club and country. Think about that for a moment. Not only is that a record high, but Lionel Messi just netted his 500th, a whole 100 behind Cristiano.

The last 14 months for the Portuguese International has been one of the best stretches for any footballer ever. Cristiano Ronaldo won a Ballon d’Or, a La Liga title, a Club World Championship, two Champions League Finals, and the Euro 2016. That’s absolutely insane. Think about that, he’s been the leader of the best team in the world for a while now, and has been scoring goals at an absurd pace.

As a player who has played alongside stars and at two of the most famous clubs in the world (Manchester United and Real Madrid), it has been easy for fans and people in the media to find reasons to dislike him. After all, there is always a hero and a villain. For whatever reason, especially in America, Messi is the hero and Ronaldo is the villain. It could be the success, it could be the money, it could just be his play style. However, a lot of people love to hate Ronaldo which has prevented him from receiving the respect and admiration that he deserves. Sitting at 32 years of age CR has four Ballon d’Ors, three club world cup wins, 4 champions league wins, countless league titles and domestic cup wins, 600 goals, and now a European cup win. What an absolutely incredible career for Cristiano.

So that is why I am writing today, to give Cristiano Ronaldo the respect he deserves. Cognrats, CR7.


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