Can the Giants make that last playoff push?


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Can the Giants make that last playoff push?

By: Jacob Fain

It’s the curse of the odd numbered year it has plagued the San Francisco Giants since 2011, it starts when the Giants come off a world series win. They follow up a world series win with a sub-par year with pitching that falls off the map and bats that couldn’t touch a beach ball, this year feels different, however. The Giants are in the top ten this year Batting in baseball with the second most hits in baseball (975), they also are ninth in the league in runs scored (450). So the bats are there with a few players who need to get hot like for example Brandon Belt or Nori Aoki. But when you have bats like Hunter Pence, Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford, and the up and coming Matt Duffy swinging the way they are you really have no reason to worry about two or three guys who are not swinging the bat all too well.

Now the pitching, Tim Lincecum is riding the DL right now but feels like he can pitch again in 2015. Your 2015 World Series hero Madison Bumgarner has had a few rocky starts in a row but nothing some run support can’t help. One thing I know in this world it’s that Madison Bumgarner will get back up on that horse and be the hoss that we’ve all came to know and love. Also, a fun fact about the 2015 Giants pitching staff is that Bumgarner, Lincecum, and Leake are the only Giant’s pitchers with winning records while Cain, Hudson, and Peavy all are either .500 or below. With Leake taking over for Hudson and had a really impressive first outing as a Giant even if it did result in a loss, but basically one pitch cost him the game, if he didn’t hand a pitch to Josh Hamilton he may have escaped with a nice win.

So can the bay bridge dynasty repeat? In my opinion as much as I would love to see it and make it four rings for the great Buster Posey, it just won’t happen. The NL Central will in all likelihood kick us out of the playoffs the Cubs as of right now own the last wild card spot even though 42 games stand between us and the playoffs the Cubs have that determination that we at some points in this season may not. Another threat is the Mets or even the Nationals, so our best shot is a Dodger collapse which is very possible, it’s a lot more possible that people may want you to think. So it’s the NL West Championship or Bust right now for the Giants, it is funny to say this when one can remember that it was a wild card game where we started our playoff run last year.

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