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By: Joe Cardoso

The Georgetown Hoyas have been so far exciting, frustrating, but never boring. And with a game against Xavier tonight they win and the reward is 3rd place in the Big East. I have seen some real growth with this team, which shows the talent they have and the level of coaching. Two things that have been hammered on by people outside and inside the program. No, it hasn’t been all roses but the buzz at the Hilltop is real and will only grow with more wins. The game Sunday against St. John’s was so good for so many reasons but here are the ones that stood out to me.

  1. The late game management bug which has hurt all year was swatted away.

  2. Best overall TEAM performance all year so far 5 guys scored at least 5 pts

  3. Mac McClung is a star in the making and the bright lights of NYC didn’t affect him at all

  4. James Akinjo since his late-game error has been solid with his decision making.

Now at 13-7 (3-4 Big East Play) the Hoyas are at the meat of the schedule with games against Xavier, Villanova, Providence, and Butler on deck. These are all tests and with some tough road games (3 out of 4 games) we are going to find out a lot about this squad. Jessie Govan needs to continue to be the heart of the team and our freshmen must continue to improve. Love what we have seen since Mac has come back and the play of Josh LeBlanc. As I stated earlier James Akinjo is playing with a little bit more control and discipline. 

Revenge is on the mind of the players tonight it wasn’t that long ago Xavier won 81-75. Georgetown saw a 17 point lead go bye bye and was handed its 6th straight loss to Xavier. Would be nice to improve on a 1-3 home record and get back to back conference wins as well. Having Mac McClung and Trey Mourning this time around will have an impact. When the Musketeers go big we have another capable big to throw out there. I also would like to see Greg Malinowski start hitting some shots, yes his playing time has gone down but he has to take advantage of what he gets. The real change needs to come on the defensive end mainly half-court defense. The improvement we saw on Sunday hopefully carries over and a little bit more effort to get back when the other team is on the fast break.

In the end, I think the Hoyas win this game 82-74 and take over 3rd place in the Big East. The addition of Mac and Mourning plus the growth of Akinjo prove to be the difference. If Sunday was considered a “must-win”, then this game would be a solid building block heading into the meat of the schedule. 

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