Four Takeaways from the Redskins Week 12 Victory

Redskins Get It Done At Home

Redskins Takeaways
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By: Ryan Cooley

The Redskins won their second game of the season. This may have been the best game they have played all year. They have struggled all season playing the entire 60 minutes, but they did just that on Sunday. However, this was against a 3-6-1 team and their back up QB.

Here are four takeaways from the Redskins week 12 victory.

Haskins is not the future

Haskins finished the day 13 of 29 for 156 yds and 1 INT. I said in my article after the last game that he may not be the future, and his performance Sunday only helped my case. I was a big fan of Haskins coming out of Ohio State, but he has not made a smooth transition to the NFL.

He is having more than just the normal rookie struggles. Most rookies have a difficult time reading coverages or adjusting to the speed of the NFL. He consistently misses throws that a high school QB should make.

Out of his 13 completions, maybe one or two were what I would consider accurate passes. Most of them ended with the WR having to jump and stretch to haul it in. He played with McLaurin in college, but you wouldn’t be able to tell. He missed him not once, but twice in the endzone.

The worst part is that he is not improving each week. His two TDs last week came from a screen to Guice and a TD to Sprinkle that was almost thrown in the turf. Neither of these was very impressive on Haskins part. If he wants to prove people wrong, he has to play significantly better to close out the season.

The defense played well

This was probably the best game the defense played all year. The Lions had 364 yds but only allowed 13 points and generated four turnovers. This unit has significantly struggled this season, so it was nice to see them finally play tough for an entire game.

They will need to keep this momentum up next week for McCaffery and the Panthers. CMC is having an MVP level season, so they will need to find a way to contain him. They will also need to find a way to get consistent pressure on Kyle Allen.

Josh Norman did not play

Maybe it is a coincidence, but the best defensive performance of the season came when Norman wasn’t on the field. I have yet to understand why Norman remains a starter even though he struggles every game. I thought he was being benched, but Callahan said it was an injury that sidelined Norman.

It looks as if Norman will be back on the field next week against his former team. Pro Football Focus has given Norman an abysmal 47.2 grade for this season. In his absence, the Redskins only allowed 189 passing yds and had three INTs.

Norman has been a complete disappointment after signing his 5-year $75 million contract. This will most likely be his last season playing for the burgundy and gold.

This may have hurt more than it helped

A win is always positive, but at this point, the Skins are looking ahead of this season. There are many speculations of whom they will take with whatever pick they end up with. However, a win at the end of the day just hurts their draft position.

At the moment, they hold the second overall pick. It will be interesting to see where they will look to go. If the Bengals hold onto the first overall pick, there is a good chance they select LSU’s QB, Joe Burrow. This will leave the opportunity for the Redskins to take Ohio State’s pass rusher, Chase Young.

Young is one of the best pass rushers in college football history. He would have an immediate impact on this Redskins defense. On the other hand, if they do not believe in Haskins, Tua Tagovailoa is another possibility. Tua has an extremely high ceiling if he can avoid the injury bug.

If they are looking to replace Trent Williams, they may select Georgia’s LT, Andrew Thomas. Thomas would also have an immediate impact on this team. It may be too early to try and predict what player the Redskins will take in April, but at this point, it is all Redskins fans can really do.

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