NFL 2018: Los Angeles Chargers

Real fans talking NFL Football

“Fight For Each Other!

For the first time since 1985, two NFL teams from the City of Los Angeles are in the playoffs and – deservedly so, West Coast fans are very happy.

“I do not mean to sound like a Hater, but I was never fully on board with all of the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints & Los Angeles Rams Lovefests and accolades. Now that the Chicago Bears, Indianapolis Colts & (Your!) Los Angeles Chargers have serve notice to the entire NFL that they’re to be reckon with…How good does it feel to be a Charger’s fan, right now?”

Lion Cuban

It feels great because we haven’t been in the playoffs in a few years & now that they are here in LA, as a fan you could not ask for more!” 

“Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady are veteran quarterbacks from the same NFL Draft Class, but Rivers has never won a Super Bowl…Is he due to finally win one? To quote our good friend The Sports Whisperer, Monte Perez:

“Why can’t we quit him?”

“I don’t know if he’s due for one, as you well know in sports there are no gimmes but he has put this team on his shoulders! So from that stand point he is more than deserving but deserving doesn’t always translate to being a champion (see Dan Marino).”

“Paint me into any corner and I will side with any long suffering fan every time when it comes to sports, Brother…Chargers going to the Super Bowl?

“I hope so! The one thing I can say is that this team can go in shorthanded to Pittsburgh & Kansas City & win under adverse conditions! Who else in the AFC has done something like this?”


“Ya tu sabes!”

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