Football Is Easy With Eyes Closed

By:  Brianne Dempsey

It’s kind of fitting that the NFL’s “Black Monday” is falling on New Year’s Eve. As of the time I’m writing this article, there are currently eight head coaching vacancies going into 2019. Eight teams following the mantra, “New year, new me.” Even Cincinnati has parted ways with Marvin Lewis after sixteen seasons. Organizations are sending messages – mediocracy is not acceptable. Well, all except for the Redskins.

Last night after a humiliating shut out to the Philadelphia Eagles, the Redskins released a statement essentially reassuring fans that Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden’s jobs were safe. I understand the excuses for Jay keeping his job. Losing Alex Smith and then Colt McCoy in back to back weeks after being 6-3 going into the Texans game was beyond rough. But, Jay Gruden is not the coach to inspire greatness. He seems like a nice guy, but he seems to be along for the ride. Which is exactly what Daniel Snyder wants, he wants people nodding their head and just to be happy to be here for the carnival ride that is the Washington Redskins.

Then again, we’ve always known Snyder’s M.O. Long were the days of Vinny Cerrato and the asinine contracts that came with him. But I guess after you lose enough of Snyder’s money on players that don’t produce anything, he’ll finally let you go. I remember being SO excited for Bruce Allen, thinking he would curb the over spending and would actually work with the new coach, Mike Shanahan, to bring in good talent at a fair price.

I was so wrong.

So here we are, almost a decade later with nothing to show for it. Year after year we hope that things will get better, but in the end, they are still the same old Redskins.

While I love my team, I cannot take the front office anymore. This is the first season in 20 years I did not attend a single Redskins game. I refuse to reward Dan Snyder’s bank accounts for the product he’s putting on the field. And because he can’t see the forest through the trees, he thinks it’s a marketing problem. Sorry, Dan. The only marketing you need is a winning product.

Jay Gruden has one year left on his contract and no QB next year. (Sorry Alex, as much as I’m rooting for your full recovery, I’m going to be a realist). Is he really supposed to be the one to draft our next franchise quarterback? Will that be his excuse for a contract extension? He needs time to groom the young guy?

The Redskins are at a crossroads right now, and they picked wrong not letting Bruce and Jay go. I don’t want to be Stuart Little. The sky isn’t completely falling. This team showed a lot of promise at the beginning of this year. But why wait one more year? The coaching carousel is almost a third of the league. There are more options to bring in a fresh perspective, with a new QB next year. The talent is on defense. It wouldn’t have to be a complete rebuild. Instead, we watch the NFL’s version of Groundhog Day and settle in for another mediocre at best season next year and listen to how it’s everyone else’s fault except for the guys making decisions and signing the checks.

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