FIFA World Cup’s Round of 16…

This is why we watch!!!

World Cup
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A few teams have qualified and…a few have been eliminated!

The 2018 FIFA World Cup action has been epic thus far!

Eight groups are shaping up nicely as we head through the second round of games, which teams are in the best shape to move to the round of 16?

Group A – Russia, Uruguay, Egypt, Saudi Arabia

Russia is advancing through and will top the group if they avoid a defeat against Uruguay.

Uruguay also advances, but has an inferior goal difference and must beat hosts Russia to top the group.

Egypt and Saudi Arabia have been eliminated.

Group B – Spain, Portugal, Iran, Morocco

Spain needs a point against Morocco to qualify. Even if they lose to Morocco, Spain can still qualify if Portugal suffers a heavier defeat, or if Iran versus Portugal is a low-scoring draw and Spain lose by no more than one goal.

Portugal needs a point against Iran to qualify, but can still reach the round of 16 with a defeat if Spain loses by a bigger margin.

If both Portugal and Spain lose, the team who suffers the biggest defeat would go out. If both Portugal and Spain win, the team with the biggest victory would finish top.

Iran must beat Portugal to qualify and could finish on top Group B with lost y Spain.

Morocco is eliminated on zero points despite two very commendable performances.

Group C – France, Denmark, Australia, Peru

France has advance to the round of 16 with one game to go, but will need to avoid defeat against second-place Denmark to top Group C.

Denmark needs a point to guarantee their progress into the round of 16, but could still fail to qualify if Australia beats Peru and ends up with a better goal difference.

Peru has been eliminated.

Group D – Croatia, Iceland, Argentina, Nigeria

Croatia will advance, but has not yet guaranteed the top of Group D.

Nigeria will join Croatia in the round of 16 with a victory over Argentina. A draw between Argentina and Nigeria would allow Iceland to qualify with a two-goal win over Croatia (as long as they score at least one more than Nigeria).

Argentina, has been given hope by Nigeria’s win over Iceland, as long as Iceland does not beat Croatia.

Group E – Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Costa Rica

Brazil needs a draw in their against Serbia to qualify.

Switzerland needs to match or better Serbia’s result against Brazil when they take on Costa Rica who has already been eliminated.

Serbia must beat Brazil to qualify. A draw would be enough if Switzerland is beaten by Brazil by more than one goal.

Group F – Sweden, Mexico, Germany, South Korea

Mexico will qualify with a win or a draw against Sweden. Even with a lost Mexico still advances to the round of 16 if Germany fails to beat South Korea.

There are multiple scenarios in which Germany advances, however beating South Korea is first and for most the order of business.

Group G – Belgium, England, Tunisia, Panama

Belgium is advancing to the next round.

England is advancing to round of 16 as well.

Panama and Tunisia have been eliminated .

Group H – Japan, Senegal, Poland, Colombia

Poland have been eliminated.

A draw with Poland is enough for Japan to advance.

A draw with Colombia is enough for Senegal to go through.

Colombia will reach the next round with a victory over Senegal.

These are the primary scenarios and do not include the tiebreaker system which determines the teams that advance to the round of 16.

The tiebreaker system includes:
1) Goal difference
2) Goals scored
3) Head-to-head points
4) Head-to-head goal difference
5) Head-to-head goals scored
6) Fair Play points (yellow/ red cards)
7) Drawing of lots

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