Who’s At Fault-The Fans Or The NFL?

Don't Be A Tool LogoBy: Marisa Cali

As a San Diego Chargers fan, I might be alone on this thought but really, I am not upset about the Tom Brady cheating / deflategate fiasco. Similar to other sports-related scandals like Pete Rose gambling or steroid-use amongst our top performing players, this situation is not much different. I enjoy watching the players and if my team had 4 rings, I’d probably be as arrogant as any other Patriots fan is being right now about the Brady situation. For years, the NFL has set a precedence for making rash decisions and enforcing silly punishments all the while fans continue to eat it up and support the NFL blindly. If we really want to make a statement, we as fans would have to boycott….collectively. But, we all know that it is highly unlikely to happen.

NFL to LA. This summer, I had been meaning to comment on the NFL to LA. situation for months, but, really the story changed from day to day – especially right here in San Diego. Some have dropped off the bandwagon, others are fighting tooth and nail to read, listen and find the clues to the mystery that is the NFL relocation. The LA. stadiums are flashy but, in the end, if the NFL moves a team away from their CURRENT market, it will be just another bad move by the NFL. With Goodell at the helm, his name will forever be tarnished if it isn’t already. Carmen Policy mentioned this whole “mega market” idea that spanned from Santa Barbara to Tijuana. But, this is far from realistic. Sure, people will watch on TV like they currently do… but, to think that all these people will support a team With MONEY (remember this is the key here) is preposterous. I would be done with the NFL if they move the Chargers out of San Diego to the rival town to the north of us, Los Angeles.

But, until then I will still be watching….why because I love the game and the players. So really, who is the fool now? Until we can collectively agree to not spend any precious time on the NFL, that is when it will be affected….that or something tragic happens. The fans, the players or the league all contribute to the success of the NFL. With all the negatives, there are still positives that most will not highlight – charity work, youth development, etc. In the end, we still watch, form fantasy football leagues and gather with our friends and family on Sunday. Why? Because we just can’t give up this game. So be mad all you want about the Brady scandal, but, don’t be a fool and continue to watch the game if you’re so upset. There are worse things in this world to consume your anger with.

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