Fantasy Football Buy, Sell, Bench: 2019 WR Edition

Fantasy Football

Well, class, welcome back! As you may have noticed, we had a brief vacation. Class was not in session for a couple weeks. We are back though and we’re back full speed ahead. With the NFL season just a couple of weeks away, we have work to do. With that being said, let’s get to work! We have wide receivers to discuss for this fantasy football season. Arguably the most important position in fantasy football, this will be a good week to take notes. Let’s get it!

Buy: Josh Gordon, New England Patriots

Right off the bat, the first risk of the fantasy football season. Actually, let’s just start with the facts. Josh Gordon has not played a full season since his rookie season. When Gordon came onto the scene, people were high on him. Gordon lit up the league and we all were ready to roll with him. I kid, but we all know that Josh couldn’t put the joint down. That was, and always will be, his downfall. So, why is Mr. Gordon worth the risk then? Let me explain.

Fantasy Football

Gronk is gone. TB12’s biggest boo is done. With Gronk out, the Patriots miss a big (pun intended) downfield threat. Furthermore, Brady will be missing a huge (yes, another pun) red zone target. Yes, it is true that the Patriots picked up DT, but Gordon is the better option. It will be his second season in the Pats’ system, and he’s got a lot to prove. Per ESPN, Gordon’s average draft position (ADP) is 62. In a 10-team league, that’s a sixth-round pick. Trust me, it’s a risk you want to take.

Sell: Brandin Cooks, LA Rams

Now, this one may come as a shock to some. You may ask yourself, “Has the professor lost his mind?!” To truly answer that question…there’s not enough time. In short, when it comes to fantasy football, I’m the right amount of crazy. Cooks actually did well last season. Per NFL fantasy football, he was the 13th best receiver in the league at 243.2 points. ESPN has his ADP at 47, which is three behind the player that makes him a sell.

Fantasy football

Cooper Kupp will be back. Missing half of the year due to injury, Kupp still managed half the yardage and receptions as Cooks. In addition, and more damning, Cooper had one more touchdown than Brandin. Cooks is an extremely talented player, but he will see some drop-off. Enough so, that it is worth a trade to add some depth to your fantasy football roster. It might feel dirty but, in the end, it will feel so right.

Bench: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers

This one hurts. I have all the respect and admiration in the world for JuJu. #TeamJuJu all day! Still, Smith-Schuster is in new territory this season. With Antonio “I Don’t Like My Helmet” Brown gone, JuJu is the man. Last season, he played like he will be the man to the tune of 296.9 fantasy football points. However, was that all Smith-Schuster or did AB help that?

Fantasy Football

It could be feast or famine this season with JuJu but I feel that the rewards outweigh the risks. Keep him if you can but don’t put all your eggs in that basket. With an ADP of 13, he’s a low first/early second-round pick. This is where the risks meet the rewards. Keeping him will likely cost you less. If you must spend an early pick on him, have a backup plan. JuJu will need some time to marinate before you unleash him on your fantasy football league.

That’s all for this week. Take this information and use it wisely. Next week, we will double down with two articles (running backs and tight ends). If you feel you’re still lagging, fantasy football mock drafts are your friends. Otherwise, as usual, visit me during office hours.

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