Fantasy Football 2018: The Best Revisited

Fantasy Football

Well, class, we’ve come to a crossroads. While I love our weekly chats, the fantasy football season in is its final stages. Buy, sell, or bench will only get you so far. Now, we must look forward to the fantasy football playoffs. To do so, we will review a couple of preseason articles. After these reviews, we will have a couple more study sessions before the final exam. Yes, there will be a final exam. For now, let us review the preseason predictions of the Best of the Best.

Tight End: Travis Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs

Again, right out of the gate this season, we went with the shock value. Kelce was the pick for the best tight end in the league over Gronk. One thing is for sure. Travis has been miles better than Gronk. First, let’s see his numbers. So far this season, Kelce has 57 receptions on 86 targets. This translates to 787 receiving yards and six touchdowns. Is he the best?

Fantasy Football

Per Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, Zac Ertz is the best at 183.90 total points. Kelce is not far behind at 173.70 total points. As always, we deal in PPR. Ertz has two more yards than Kelce. Ertz also has one less touchdown than Kelce. What sets them apart? Ertz has 18 more receptions. While the season is winding down, it’ll be tough for Kelce to catch Ertz. Zac is in a competitive race. Kelce is not. Chiefs have weapons galore as well. We may be wrong on this one.

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

Fantasy Football

Well, time to be honest. We missed on this one. We missed badly. Aaron Rodgers is still a baaaaaaaaad man. Still, he is human. In fact, he’s very human. Rodgers has not only suffered through his own injuries, but the whole offense has been injured this season. While I know he hasn’t been the best, let’s take a look anyway.

So far, Rodgers has 207.72 total points. That’s good for 3,073 yards and 19 touchdowns. The best of the quarterback is Pat Mahomes and it’s not really close. While I did not deem Mahomes as the best, I did have him as a buy earlier in the season. Mahomes has 260.80 total points, which is 43.20 more than the next best. Pat has 3,150 passings yards, 31 passing touchdowns, and two rushing touchdowns. Yeah, it’s over.

Fantasy Football

Running Back: Todd Gurley, LA Rams

Fantasy Football

Finally, we got one right! Fittingly, it’s the pick we had the least confidence in for the fantasy football season. Still, Mr. Gurley is clearly the best. 285 total fantasy football points for Gurley. Not only is that the best for running backs, but it’s the best in the league. 988 rushing yards with 13 touchdowns. 402 receiving yards with 40 receptions and four touchdowns. In fantasy football this year, it doesn’t get better than Gurley.

Wide Receiver: Odell Beckham, New York Giants

Fantasy Football

Last but not least, the wide receivers. Sadly, we missed on this one as well. It’s been a banner year in fantasy football for wide receivers. Not so much for Beckham. Per Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, Beckham is the eighth-best receiver in the league. Surprisingly, the best of the receivers is DaVante Adams in Green Bay. Adams has 222.30 total fantasy football points, which is good for 953 yards, 72 receptions, and nine touchdowns. What about Odell?

Fantasy Football

It seems the days of the whip and nae nae with Beckham are done. 65 receptions, 858 yards, and four touchdowns are not bad. They’re just not the best. Unless he gets hot, Beckham will not be the best.

There you have it. The best revisited in fantasy football. It will be interesting to see if the current best hold up the rest of the season. Be sure to check back later this week in a special study session as we review predictions for the breakout players. Of course, this is all exclusive with Nuts and Bolts Sports!

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