The Face of Domestic Violence in NFL is…

By: LaShawn Encarnacion (aka The Dark Knight of Sports)

There is no question that there is a serious problem with domestic violence in the world of sports, especially publicly in the NFL. Adrian Peterson with the child abuse issue, Greg Hardy who was charged and convicted only to get off because an appeal was won because a witness mysteriously “disappeared.” Ray McDonald who was released from the Chicago Bears after his domestic violence issues in San Francisco resurfaced with NEW issues.

Besides Adrian Peterson, who has publicly apologized and served his time away from the NFL and seems genuine about his mistake, the previous names of Hardy and McDonald should be the faces of domestic violence in the NFL … NOT Ray Rice who this article is written for.

Ray Rice is currently a free-agent and granted his crime was caught on video, his public apology was genuine. His then fiance, now his wife has forgiven him. Rice continues to follow the rules of his probation by advocating against domestic violence and goes to his mandatory classes. Yet, NFL teams continue to be reluctant to sign the former running back from the Baltimore Ravens.

In an one-on-one interview on “Outside the Lines” with special guest interviewer Jemele Hill, this clip shows Rice continues to show his humbleness to the prior event and how he has atoned for his sins.


What more does Ray Rice have to prove? What has he not done that all these other players who continue to make themselves “problem children of the NFL” ONLY to get back on the field and playing and making their money? There is no question that Ray Rice is rightfully deserving of a second chance to play in the NFL.

Rice should be the face on how to be the “SOLUTION” to the problem of domestic violence. NOT continuing to be held as the face of the problem. Granted the video was horrendous and vile but to own up and work on atoning for the mistake shows the character that Ray Rice truly possesses, the same character BEFORE the incident.

No one can predict what happens after but one thing is clear. If Hardy and McDonald deserve second, third chances, if marijuana users who have multiple infractions that get them into suspensions can continue to get second and third chances, then Ray Rice deserves a second chance just like the rest. With caution of course because this is a second chance to play football. The action committed by Ray Rice as a human being are STILL horrendous and inhumane and will never be forgotten … EVER! #GiveRiceaChance

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