By: Rob Botts

Enough. That word is rolling off the tongues of every single Cleveland Cavaliers fans back in “The Land” like a George Gervin finger roll. It is being uttered and muttered by every member of the coaching staff, upper management, ownership, parking and ticket attendant employees. Pretty much anybody in Cleveland Ohio who has a pulse and cares about the outcome of this 2016 NBA Finals.

BUT, is it being said by LBJ and the players themselves? That is really the question. Because from the look of their effort and facial expressions during the first two games of this series, either they haven’t said that word or they are whispering at such a level that it has only the canine population howling. LeBron and the boys need to run to the highest point in the city(Google tells me that it is Key Tower) and yell out ENOUGH at the top of their highly impressive athletic lungs. ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! I think if they say it three times and click their Nikes together the outcome for the next game might change. Maybe it will help them get of the yellow brick laying road.

Enough is another word that Golden State’s players, coaches and fans of the region are saying as well. The word has the same meaning in terms of it’s definition, but is being used for completely different reasons. Enough for them means that they have enough of everything and then some to get this back to back title. They have enough scoring, bench play, jumping shooting, inside play, passing and overall hustle. Enough of the talk about how the outcome of this series is in question.

Enough is what every ESPN, Fox, local and international affiliates, newspapers(yes, they are still around) websites and blogs are saying about this NBA Finals series. The first two games have been an absolute mess to watch. They have been disappointing from the standpoint of waiting to see Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry swish shot after impossible shot as the team offensively runs the Cavs off the floor. That has not happened as the Splash brothers have struggled but it just hasn’t mattered. The bench for Golden State, while impressive and effective, are not the main event for the TV show that is the finals. They are the undercard. Enough of watching Cleveland go into 0-8 or 0-9 stretches of not scoring along with a defensive effort that mirrors a slug attempting to get in front of a roach scattering at full speed once the kitchen light as snapped on. The pundits are left scratching their heads and covering their collective eyes every time they see Cleveland go into one on one basketball and abandon any kind of team basketball in the half court set.

Enough is what casual watchers of the sport who have no real rooting interest for either squads are saying. The Warriors are just faster, tougher, more dedicated and in the end, are just BETTER. Game-Set-Match in their minds. When do they hand out the trophy and start the champagne shower??

Enough of the same old same old. Change is needed FAST in their series and it is coming. Change is coming in terms of geographic location which just might be enough to keep these next couple games competitive. Maybe.

For me personally enough means enough of the talk as if this is a series. It is not a series. It is not a competition. The ant doesn’t compete with the boot as the nail doesn’t compete with the hammer. We are all witnesses to a trojan horse finals.(Sorry LBJ) Enough about how tough and talented the big three are in Cleveland because in reality, there is only a big one. Irving is a great talent but has not reached the peek of his powers yet and Kevin Love as been exposed as just another dude that was masquerading on a bad team(Timberwolves) as a superstar. Folks, Mr. Love is no superstar and it is painfully being played out before us. LeBron James may be the most talented player in the league that can do so many things so well on the basketball floor but there are two big things that James just doesn’t excel at whether people want to admit it or not. Leadership and closing the deal himself. 

ENOUGH of the talk of how LeBron is a great leader. He just isn’t. James is a first ballet hall of famer yes. No doubt. But he is a number 2 in terms of mental toughness and closing ability, trapped in a number 1’s body. ENOUGH about how is he is more Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan. He is neither. Does he have great court vision and is he an exceptional passer? Yes and yes. Is he a beast that can get to the basket anytime he wants and know the game through and through? Yes and yes. But Magic would score when it mattered and would mentally take over a game to lead his team. LeBron just can’t do it consistently enough or call upon that ability when he truly needs it.

The city of Cleveland needs James to say ENOUGH with the past two games and truly and absolutely take over this next game and the series while the Warriors are saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH….Let’s take home the title. 

ENOUGH talk. Time to get on with game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Rob Botts
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