Eagles at Packers: Thursday Night Preview and Prediction

philadelphia at green bay

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By: Julio Olmo

The Philadelphia Eagles first road game of the season was a gut-punching loss to the Atlanta Falcons.

I figure the game at Green Bay and next two months will tell the tale of the Eagles’ 2019 season.

The lost to the Detroit Lions at home, exposed all sets of problems.

Key Points

  • The Eagles’ offense is good enough to keep up with the Packers, but has to stay away from those self-inflicting turnovers and mistakes at all cost.

  • Expect head coach Doug Pederson to pull out all the stops necessary and treat this game as if were a playoff contest.

  • The Eagles’ defense is in for a world of trouble. A leaky secondary and a defensive front which can not put pressure on opposing quarterbacks, is no match for Aaron  Rodgers. The former NFL MVP is going to destroy them.

  • The only way, the Eagles’ defense could possibly control Rodgers would be by using some type Prevent Defensive Zone Scheme, blitzing him would basically be committing suicide.

Player To Watch?

  • Carson Wentz

There was a lot drama last year, on and off the field. Critics questioned his leadership and health, but the Eagles nevertheless went all-in on him.

Wentz’s talent is unquestioned by all his critics, but quarterbacks are supposed to be the difference makers and the ones capable of impressive statistical numbers.

There are not many early positives to take away from this 1-2 Philadelphia Eagles’ team, but Carson Wentz has to lead them out of trouble, eventhough their current struggles are none of his fault.

The Eagles organization has a rich history of having talented and productive quaterbacks who led the team in just about everything except in Super Bowl parades.

Personally, I think Carson Wentz should get in his car and go to Steve Young’s house and ask him how did he finally get out from under the shadow of Joe Montana.


  • This Eagles’ team needs to hold down the fort on defense and Carson Wentz has to get in a Mano-A-Mano duel with Aaron Rodgers…

  • And it begins at Green Bay…that is the loyal to the bitter end voice inside of me talking, but  in reality, I am a glass half-empty kind of guy.

  • Packers 33 Eagles 27.


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