Dunk Tank

Pic Credit: Troy Taormina, USA Today

By: Rob Botts

The contestants that end up standing front and center on Mark Cuban’s show “Shark Tank” present their best pitch and hope Cuban and his fellow “sharks” will team up with them for ultimate success for both parties. Recently the owner of the Dallas Mavericks was on DeAndre Jordan’s pilot episode of “Dunk Tank” and what a show it was. The show had a scheduled limited release and would come to a stunning conclusion.

This was quite a role reversal for all involved. Especially for Mark Cuban. This time it was he that was standing front and center before the free agent center Mr. Jordan. Cuban had made a wonderful pitch that included the usual big money offer, 2nd option on offense touches and the well known overall perks that players on the Mavericks are given by their lavish owner. The offer was so good that Jordan sat back in his chair and really thought about it. Then he really decided that it was the best package for him. Then verbally agreed that he would be playing for the Dallas Mavericks next season and beyond. All that was next was to buy a second home in Texas(he currently resides in Houston) and get working on those multiple post moves that need to be developed if you are going to be one of the top options in a set offense.

It was decided. The leader in FG % last year in the NBA, big time shot blocker and rebounder extraordinaire agreed to be a Maverick. VERBALLY agreed to Mark Cuban that he would be dunking hard and missing many free throws next season for HIS ball club. Both men had big smiles as they embraced. The Mavs had gotten their man. Or so they thought.

Like any great story, fiction or non fiction, there is always a twist. Something that happens that you just don’t expect and can’t believe really took place. Whether it’s a kid seeing dead people or a gimp turning into Kaiser Sozea right before our eyes, sometimes you just don’t see an event coming and it throws you back on your heels. That is exactly what happened to Mr. Cuban. Just as he was sitting back lighting up a victory cuban while resting his head back against the side of his olympic sized hot tub, he had found out DeAndre Jordan really, really liked being a Los Angeles Clipper and was planning on returning to his old team for next season and beyond.

Some of the best deals are the ones that never get done when looked back upon with that good old 20/20 hindsight. But, nobody wants to hear that when they had gotten their collective hopes up and thought they had a deal secured. Secured in a VERBAL sense in pro sports had always been good enough because very rarely have players changed their minds at that stage of the game. As we all know however and Mr Cuban knows this very, very well that if you don’t have their name on the line that is dotted, it remains just a dotted line.

Almost every single uber successful business man hates to lose what they want and thought they had. It’s that kind of mentality that has enabled them to sit back in their gigantic castles and play with people’s everyday fortunes at their behest. But this time, on DeAndre Jordan’s “Dunk Tank,” Mr. Cuban was the one who left empty handed.

Rob Botts
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