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Few things are better than traveling to exotic islands exploring and discovering new things such as food, culture, and adventure. One of the places that pops up on everyone travel list is Brazil, known for its beaches, people and beauty. For this feature, we take you to Brazil to introduce you to a young lady with a hunger for adventure, sun, and sports. How much of a go-getter is she? So much so that GoPro noticed her and she is a partner with them and is just getting started on the international stage. She took time to slow down and chat with us and share her journey and career goals. You could find her on a skateboard, wakeboard, in the water or hiking. She says in her blog she “hopes to inspire you to live a life that you love!” Introducing Thata Luz!

Joe Cardoso: You have been to incredible places and embraced different cultures how and when did this adventure begin for you?
Thata Luz: How good it is to be able to work with what you like? It started five years ago through an invitation from a brand, and I visualized the possibility of making money doing it.
JC: What was the reaction of family and friends when you told them that this was the lifestyle you chose.
TL: They were happy because everyone knows my passion for traveling, photography and exploring the new.
JC: Take us through the planning of a trip. How you choose where to go etc.
TL: Most will come up through invitations from hotels, resorts, inns.
But sometimes I choose according to my will to know such a place.
JC: Have you always been a lover of adventure, sport, and nature?
TL: Yes, since childhood. I love nature, and through it, I started to venture through the world with sports.
JC: Speaking of sports being from Brazil do I assume that football is a favorite, any other sport that you love and favorite athletes?
TL: Skateboarding, my husband Igor Lage who is a professional downhill athlete
JC: How did you partner with GoPro?
TL: Through the content, I produce on my social media and GoPro has everything to do with the way I live my life, I use the camera almost every day.
JC:  Take us back to your first trip, how did it go?
TL: Could you even call this work? I  went to Porto de Hens with a group of friends called Quarteto Por Mundo where we spent one week doing everything we love, various sports, beaches and exploring.
JC:  What advice would you give to anyone who wants to give life a chance?
TL: Believe me, you can create your destiny.
JC: Do not give everything away, but what have you planned for the rest of 2019?
TL: I plan to participate in some social project, visit 3 countries and 3 new states.
JC: Have you encountered other explorers who think like you on your travels?
TL: Yes, my friends from the Quartet Around the World 
Additional questions:

JC: You love tattoos. How many do you have and which one is your favorite and why?
TL: I have already lost accounts
I really like the skull I have on my forearm and the phrase I did for my son.
JC: Best place you visited so far that many people would not think to visit?
TL: Jalapão
JC: Who is Thata Luz?
TL: Thata Luz is a person who loves nature, sports, Ian and follows life with purposes that make his heart vibrate.

After reading that I know I can’t be the only person who wants to get their passport updated. Thata is living her best life and we can follow along via social media where she has a strong presence, and also make sure to check out her blog for updates on her trips. You only have one life to live so why not make th emost of it? Thanks Thata for taking the time to share with us and stay tuned for the next edtion of Dream Chasers!

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