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Dream Chasers

By: Joe Cardoso

Becoming a professional in any sports takes a ton of hard work and dedication. For many it doesn’t workout but for a lucky few they make it to the league of their choice and get to live the dream. To steal from the 76’ers trusting the process is easier said then done. You would be hard-pressed to find a sport that is as challenging as golf. The mental part of it can drive you mad and it requires more physical strength than most think. Our last dream catcher of 2017 hails from the west coast representing Bend, Oregon. She is a recent grand of George Fox University one of the top DIII golf programs and ended her time on campus strong, a slew of top 10 finishes, top 5 and WINS. Now she moves on to Arizona to play and starts her march to make the LPGA tour. So, get to know the young lady who has next on the tour. Introducing Hailey Ostrom!


JC: So, it’s freshman year at George Fox University, what was that first practice round like?


HOS: My first collegiate golf tournament wasn’t what I had hoped for.  I was sick with strep throat but refused to let my coach know how sick I was because I was so determined to play. I hardly remember the practice round because I was trying so hard to keep myself from fainting!  I made it through Day 1 of the tournament and 9 holes of Day 2 before my coach realized I was coughing up blood and could hardly stand! Not a great start to my college career!


JC: Why Golf for you?


HOS: Golf was something I learned from my dad. It was that one thing we could go do together and I think that’s why I stuck with it.  Golf wasn’t love at first swing, but my dad always encouraged me and made it fun. Once I grew older, I fell in love with the game myself and realized I could make something of it if I really wanted to.

JC: What was the toughest part of going from high school golf to the college level?


HOS: I struggled with the transition from high school to college in so many ways. My college coach, Maryjo McCloskey, always said, “You can succeed in two out of three things at once.  Your social life, your school life, or your golf life.  But you can’t be fully successful in all three aspects of your life at one time.”  Let me be the first to say, she was right!  I have always been a social butterfly, so naturally, I chose to succeed at that.  I worked hard on my golf game but put so much pressure on myself to succeed and make the lineup that ultimately that’s what held me back.  It was a learning experience!


JC: Can you even describe what it was like winning your first college tourney?


HOS: Winning my first college tournament was a feeling I can’t even describe.  It was at Tokatee Golf Course, a course I had played many times as a junior golfer playing COJGA (Central Oregon Junior Golf Association).  My parents were there, my brother was there, my best friend from home made the drive to be there. It was everything I could have asked for.  But as excited as I was, I knew it was just the beginning.  Don’t get me wrong, it was a magical day, but I knew I could go lower, I knew I could win a two-day tournament, and most of all I knew I could win against the best competition we could find.  That moment gave me the confidence I needed to have the season I did.


JC: What type of training/diet do you do to stay in top form?


HOS: I work extremely hard in the gym with my trainer Austin Meason at Combine Performance.  He helps me with golf specific workouts to improve my game, while also strengthening my back to avoid injury.  I am on a gluten-free diet (for health purposes), but aside from that I just try to eat somewhat healthy.  I also keep up on my daily protein shakes thanks to Max Muscle.


JC: What sponsorship’s do you currently have?


HOS: Currently, I do not have any financial sponsorships or backing.  I pay my own way out of pocket, which is very difficult.  I am looking for and accepting sponsorships for my upcoming 2018 Cactus Tour season.  If that’s you, email me! Haha!


JC: What advice would you have for someone, who is just starting out with the game.


HOS: My advice for a beginner golfer would be to work with a local pro, practice short game CONSTANTLY, practice with a purpose, and never leave out the mental game.  Aside from working with a teaching professional, those were my biggest mistakes as a younger golfer.  I hated the short game, so I didn’t practice it enough.  I didn’t know what mental game was until I got to college and was introduced to Bob Rotella’s Your 15th Club.  But most importantly, I didn’t always practice with a purpose.  I would put in my two hours of work, but those hours weren’t always focused.  If you aren’t practicing with purpose and practicing correctly, why are you even out there practicing at all?  Doing the wrong thing over and over won’t make you better.  It will only make you better at doing the wrong thing.

JC: WHEN you make the LPGA tour what will it mean to you?


HOS: WHEN I make it to the LPGA tour, it’ll mean so much to me.  But I learned perspective my senior year of college.  I learned that golf is just a game and I am grateful I get to play it, but there is so much out there that is more important than this game we love.  I will be thrilled to make it to the LPGA tour and be able to use my success to help others.  I will use my platform to motivate young girls and teach them how to be confident, successful women.  It’ll mean that my hard work wasn’t just for me to make it to the top, it was for me to help others and give back to community.  THAT will mean the world to me.


JC: Who are some of the people that inspire and motivate you?


HOS: I have so many people in my life that have inspired and motivated me along this journey.  I have the most wonderful family who has always pushed me to better.  My parents have encouraged me to set the bar high and go after whatever it is I want in life.  My brother, Derek, although he is younger than me, I look up to him in so many ways.  He’s probably my biggest role model in life.  Coach MJ has also been a huge factor in shaping me.  She taught me how to be a successful, independent, strong business woman in a world that doesn’t always accept that.  Something that these people have in common is their willingness to give.  They all have the biggest hearts and will always help someone else in need and I am so lucky to have them as mentors.

JC: What’s on tap for 2018?


HOS: 2018 is going to be an exciting year for me!  I will be playing a full Cactus Tour schedule in Arizona and gearing up for Qualifying School next fall.  I have so much confidence going into this upcoming season and I can’t wait for it to start.  With the help of my coach Andy Patnou and all of the guys at Combine Performance, I know I can do great things this year.  I also have some exciting stuff coming on my Instagram, so stay tuned for that! (@haileyostrom)

Bonus Questions:

JC: You can play ONE course and make a DREAM foursome. Where are you playing and who are you playing with?


HOS: How do I not say Augusta? I would say Augusta, with Rickie Fowler, Tiger Woods, and my dad.


JC: You must look good to play good. What is your opinion on women’s golf fashion? It’s been a hot topic for some time now.


HOS: I respect the regulations on women’s golf attire.  I have never been asked to change or been told my outfit is inappropriate for a country club.  The way I see it, respect the game, respect your surroundings and respect yourself.  Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. has come out with some awesome women’s golf attire that is fashionable, flexible and athletic. Fighting the rules isn’t necessary at this point.


JC: When not playing what do you do to relax and unwind?


HOS: Hi, my name is Hailey and I am a Netflix addict.  *Hi Hailey.  But seriously, I love a good movie or TV series.  When I’m at home I love to lay with my golden retriever, Bogey and watch Cops.  I love to go on hikes, watch spring training games, go to the gun range and basically anything else outdoors!

Thanks to Hailey for taking time out to chat with me and I look forward to seeing her on the tour soon. Make sure you follow along with her journey through her social media accounts. The LPGA has a whole new generation of talented golfers making a name for themselves, add Hailey to the list. She is locked in and if you see a cactus tour event near you go support her.
Instagram: @HaileyOstrom
Twitter: @HaileyOstrom
Facebook: Hailey Rae Ostrom

Looking forward to our free tickets to an LPGA major lol. A dream chaser is always the hardest worker in the room. If that’s you email us and lets talk. Enjoy the holiday season and keep grinding.

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