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By: Chandler Ragsdale
We all love a good inspirational story, especially one that’s true, and I have the pleasure of seeing that in a friend of mine, Rico Holland. Rico and I go to college together at Southern Wesleyan University, where he runs track. He is 22 and from Calhoun Falls, SC. He is not only a great competitor on the track, but he also has his own clothing line, GrindDoe. What makes Rico’s story such a significant and powerful one is the underlying theme of perseverance, heart, and dignity.

I had the opportunity to talk with Rico one-on-one earlier this week. He described his childhood as one that required him to “fend for himself” a lot. He grew with his mom working two jobs to help make ends meet. Rico says that living in a struggle like that, “lead me to want to go to college.” His reasoning behind this was so neither his mom nor himself would have to work like that one day. Then Rico got to high school and was a standout on the track. Reminiscent of Michael Jordan playing with the flu, Rico had to compete with the flu at a critical track meet. This meet was so important because it determined who went to state. Running on medication, Rico dug deep and qualified for state, where he ended up going to eventually win and beat the previous two-time state champion!
This achievement in Rico’s life not only proceeded to give him a great fire and determination, but it also led him to the inspiration for his famous saying, “Grind Doe.” This instantly set a fire in Rico, such a fire that he wanted to share it with everyone, telling them to never quit no matter the situation. In March 2016, “Grind Doe” became trademarked by Rico and he now has his own clothing line as a result of some very hard work and determination. He now says that “My Ultimate goal is to be a top brand, such as Nike and all of the other worldwide known brands.” Rico definitely is one who has a great fire and passion, to go along with a gritty work ethic, which helps him not only to dominate on the track but in all areas of life.


To the readers…”No matter what you’re going through, whether if it’s in school, athletics, or your job, always and forever keep striving, no matter the obstacle ahead. If you continue to Grind Doe, your end result will be successful.” -Rico Holland

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