Dream Chasers: Deanna Rose

By: Joe Cardoso

Hello one and all and welcome BACK to the Dream Chasers series! It’s been a while so we had to make sure we came back with someone who would blow you away and leave you inspired to go for whatever it is you want in life. Pretty sure we accomplished that with our latest feature. She is on a mission to help us all level up and be the best version of ourselves, from the gym to the kitchen she has you covered. Born in China and calling Canada home we get to know Dr. Deanna Rose!Deanna Rose

Joe Cardoso: You are a lighting bolt of positivity! How are you keeping that same energy during these insane times?

Deanna Rose: That’s too kind. I do have bad days haha. I know the pandemic has been very hard for a lot of people around the world. I’m lucky to have the support I have in my life. My boyfriend is the most patient and loving person I know. I can’t pick a fight with him even if I wanted to. I’m very lucky to have quarantined with him when things were at its worst.

I’ve gone through some shitty times in my life. So I guess we can say I’ve been training for this (haha jk!). My childhood was pretty turbulent with a lot of uncertainties. I was born and raised in China, moved to Vancouver, Canada in my early teens. I spoke no English and had no friends when I moved. I was also a very overweight kid with a lot of self-esteem issues. Food was my friend, but also my worst enemy. I went through depression in my teens, had a few near-death experiences in my early adulthood, and had some life transitions where it was clear the universe was telling me to “snap the fuck out of it”.

As for the pandemic, I honestly really enjoyed the downtime we had during the lockdowns. I launched my business at the very beginning of the pandemic. It was pre-planned, without knowing the pandemic was leading to a very unique 2020. It was a great time for me to sort out my programs/ offerings, learn about running a business, and really take the time to do everything properly.

I have also been doing a lot of self-reflection during this time. When we are always busy and on the go, we feel “guilty” for slowing down and thinking about ourselves. This time, the universe has forced us to sit our asses down and reflect. I’m more clear on my purpose in this world, the people I want to serve, and the work I need to do to provide the best help I can give. I do see it as a blessing in disguise. But I do understand there are people out there who are struggling to make ends meet. I empathize with them.

JC: At what point did fitness come into your life?

DR: I’ve always been active. My parents took me swimming when I was an infant and I stuck with it since. I’ve been a swimmer all my life, doing it myself and coaching others. I played volleyball for a while in my teens, but swimming was always my go-to. I think I was a dolphin in my past life 🙂 (yes, I do believe in past lives)

I started lifting when I was in my late teens/ early twenties. Yes, it was because of a boy (haha). He was really into lifting, so I thought why not. It gave me confidence, the drive to push myself further physically and mentally. It was also something that bonded him and I. After we broke up (thank GOD we did!), I stuck with it and continued to train. It was something I looked for in others, not because of the superficial aspects of it, but more for the discipline, physical stamina, the desire to stay active, and the drive to continue to better oneself.

JC: When did you know you wanted to be a coach/trainer etc?

DR: I’ve been a trainer for about 10 years now. I decided to get my certifications and have more formal training on the subject so I can better help others achieve their goals. Training to me isn’t just about the physical growth or that pump, it’s also the mental, emotional, and psychological challenges we choose to partake and continue to strive towards that better version of ourselves.

The mind and body are intricately connected. We can’t expect to work one without the other. So by working the body, we’re pushing our minds to expand and grow. We gotta live this life anyway, why not make it as rich and exciting as possible?DeAnna Rose

JC: What does it mean to you the phrase “servants heart”?

DR: Everyone has a purpose on this planet, mine is to serve. That requires me to have a good understanding of myself, my strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. To me, a servant’s heart means helping others reach their Higher Self and full potential, the way they envision that state. I always imagine myself as a guide hiking up a mountain with someone. It can be the mountain of their choice, I can carry their bags as needed, I may only join them for part of the journey, I may take their hand from time to time. Everything is flexible, negotiable, and varies between person to person, the ONLY thing they need to be willing to do is to get on their feet and do the work- HIKE.

Being of service is to guide, to better, to empower. To leave someone feeling more self- love, self- respect, and knowing that everyone has been gifted all the tools from birth to leaving this world a better place. It is my purpose to help people recognize what they have and help them find their own superpower from within. It does not mean doing the work for them, doing things out of pity, or enabling them.

JC: Can you describe the feeling when you see your clients crushing goals?

DR: The best drug I’ll ever take (haha). I’m sure a lot of people can relate. Seeing people crushing goals, believing in themselves, and that twinkle in their eyes… means the world to me. I’m not an emotional person, but seeing my clients succeed sometimes makes me teary-eyed (no joke).

I do think it comes from a “selfish” part of me because it validates and fulfills my own life purpose. It validates my desire to serve and that I’m “good” at what I do. I guess it’s a win-win situation 😂😛

JC: What’s your approach to diet?

DR: I really hate the word diet (I know hate is a strong word…) It gives people the connotation of restriction, short- term solution, and unrealistic expectations… I’ve had so many clients who’ve gone through endless diets. I too have done it when I was a chubby, sad, and lost kid.

Currently, my take on nutrition is mindfulness over deprivation. I don’t believe in deprivation. It only makes people crazy, personal experience, and clients’ experiences. For my clients who’ve struggled with their food intake and weight loss, I support the 80/20 rule. Eating based on individual nutritional needs 80% of the time and indulge 20% of the time. I’ve always promoted “cheat meals”. Even when I was doing bodybuilding, I did cheat meals. It’s simply not worth it to deprive for a couple of months and bounce right back to indulging after that time is over.

I also promote whole foods, no processed, packaged, or artificial foods. Take advantage of all the goodness from Mother Earth. We’ve been given everything we need since the beginning of time, we’re making things too complicated these days.

I have a counseling background and am a licensed naturopathic doctor, so I combine the physical with the mental (with a sprinkle of spiritual). I work a lot with clients on mindset and their relationship with food. Sometimes it’s not about the food, it’s the relationship with food and the relationship with the self. Depending on the case, I dive into the client’s childhood traumas, unresolved issues, etc. to excavate the underlying cause of their behavioral patterns.

JC: Where do you think you gained your work ethic and passion for so many things?

DR: Haha honestly… the Chinese education system, strict Chinese parents, and all the beating 😂  I don’t promote the Chinese education system, but I do think North American schools and parents are a little too easy on their kids in a bad way. But then I don’t have kids, so what do I know 🤷🏾 

I’ve always had a passion for mental health. Growing up, I constantly felt incompetent, not good enough, and couldn’t achieve anything. I was very shy (still am, actually), self-conscious kid who blushed anytime I talked to anybody. I hated feeling the way I did, I hated my body, the family I was born into, my situation, and everything. I know a lot of people in our society feel stuck, helpless, and defeated. I do hope I can be one of many who can shed some light and insight on their journey to their Higher Self. 

Life is not easy, and it shouldn’t be easy. But it sure is exciting. Even if we have nothing, we still have the ability to choose what we want to see and respond to events and people around us. I wholeheartedly believe we have free will, we just need to learn how to access it and use it to our advantage.DeAnna Rose

JC: Who are some of the people that inspire and motivate you?

DR: My mom and dad. Although things weren’t so great when I was younger and when they were together, I know they were always trying their best. They’re two of the hardest working people I know and they always try to find that little sliver of light in a dark room. Although we have different takes on life and current events, my mom’s patience, work ethic, and my dad’s wisdom and drive towards self-improvement are traits I would love to develop one day.

My boyfriend inspires and motivates me every single day. Some days I honestly can’t believe he’s in my life. He’s one of the most patient, loving, respectful, rational, persistent, and humble people I know. His unconditional love is something I never thought was possible in any human.

A friend of mine who runs her own business has two kids and still manages to regularly do personal work to make herself the best she can be to her family, her clients, and herself. She’s constantly in a growth mindset state, to do better. She inspires me not because she’s busy and seems successful to the general public, but because she understands working on herself and bettering herself is essential for her to show up for the people around her.

Bonus Questions:

JC: Talking tattoos! How many do you have and what’s your favorite?

DR: I have 5. I have a whole back piece I got recently that’s still not finished… I was in so much pain I thought I was going to die on the table. My friend who was recording it was laughing the whole time because instead of screaming, I was moaning really loud. She said it sounded like she was recording porn LOL (the most painful scene ever, I have to say). So my other friend, who’s the tattoo artist, lathered A LOT of lidocaine on my back to numb the pain. When I got home, I couldn’t breathe and was experiencing chest pain. Again, thought I was going to die from lidocaine overdose. So I told my boyfriend to get ready to take me to the emergency room at any moment… If I died that night, what an embarrassment it would’ve been lol. Luckily, I didn’t die haha

My favorite… I think it will be my back piece. It goes from the base of my skull down to my right butt cheek. But I’m not sure if I will ever go back to finish it 🤔

For now, it’s the peony on my hand. It’s such a beauty. Elegant and not too inked for what I do (my profession)

JC: This year Deanna Rose has learned____?

DR: A good reputation goes a long way, a bad reputation takes forever to patch up. Not saying I have a bad rep, but I just never really valued upholding a good reputation. I’m a very spontaneous, blunt, and honest person. I carry my emotions on my sleeves. I will never backstab anyone because if I want to stab someone, they will get it from the front. But this year, I learned how important it is to uphold that. To be a bit more mindful of it both in my personal and professional life.

Another thing I learned is to attach value to effort and not results. A lot of us are results-driven. We always look for the next thing we need to do but often neglect to acknowledge how far we’ve come. Giving gratitude to our consistency, effort, and how much we show up for ourselves each day is much more important than the result itself.

JC: When not working what can we find you doing?

DR: Working out, reading, meditating, trying crazy new things (I recently started doing Wim Hoff’s breathing course, what a game changer!), drawing/ painting, cooking, hanging with friends, used to go to social events (but where’s anyone going these days…?)

JC: Who is Deanna Rose?

DR: Hmm, hard question… I feel like I have a few different personalities depending on my mood and state. But generally, I’m compassionate, empathetic, rational, loving, fun, funny (or I think I am…), caring, spontaneous, honest, black sheep, noncompliant, weird

Anyone else ready to hit the ground running after reading that? Thank you Deanna for taking the time and sharing your story, I have a feeling big things are ahead for you. A great example of how you start should not determine how things end up for us. Make sure to follow her on social media:

Until next time keep those dreams alive and finish 2020 with a BANG. Stay safe and be a good human being.DeAnna Rose


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