Drafting the 2019 NBA Finals

Every year when the NBA Finals come around, there is a lot of speculation in the media about who the best players in the series are. Here at Nuts and Bolts Sports, we will be putting that conversation to rest for the third straight year. The format has changed each year slightly, but the general premise stands: have two teams draft all of the players in the NBA finals to form who they think would make the best team. For the first time… *checks notes* NBA history? LeBron will not be in the finals. So this year the Warriors will be facing off with the Toronto Raptors and their star Kawhi Leonard. Our captains of for this draft are Kawhi and Steph Curry, they will draft serpentine style, and Kawhi will pick first. Let’s begin.

#1 – Team Leonard – Klay Thompson

Is this a shocker? It shouldn’t be. Kevin Durant is injured, and the Klaw needs another playmaker. Enter the 2nd best shooter ever. Not only is Klay a great shooter, though, but his perimeter defense will greatly benefit anyone.

#2 – Team Curry – Draymond Green

#3 – Team Curry – Kevin Durant

Curry snags a couple of his teammates here. He gets his side-screen-and-roll buddy in Draymond Green (who happens to be one of the best defenders in the league) as well as a former MVP in Kevin Durant. Durant is a major risk here, seeing as nobody has any idea if or when he returns to the court.

#4 – Team Leonard – Kyle Lowry

#5 – Team Leonard – DeMarcus Cousins

Leonard is in a predicament here. He needs someone that can match Curry’s offensive firepower, but can’t sacrifice defense. Lowry has definitely had a bad history in the big moments, but he always provides effort on defense. Everything you get from him on the offensive side is gravy. As for Boogie, it looks like he should be returning soon so he will provide valuable offense and defense down low.

#6 – Team Curry – Andre Iguodala

#7 – Team Curry – Pascal Siakim

Curry went hard for some defense here. If all else fails, he can turn this thing into a rock fight.

#8 – Team Leonard – Serge Ibaka

#9 – Team Leonard – Quinn Cook

Kawhi needed a few steady hands to fill out his starting lineup and start off his bench. While neither player has been a star, they’ve both been reliable.

#10 – Team Curry – Alfonzo McKinnie

For his last pick, Curry wants Mckinnie. Definitely not one of the 12 most talented players in these NBA Finals, but he provides reliable energy, shooting, and defense off the bench for Steph.


In the end, Curry’s team would be likely to win. The reason for that? Curry > Leonard. Curry is a three-time champ, two-time MVP, and is on an all-time great playoff run right now. Get ready for the finals.


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