My Dear John Letter to the New York Jets


By: Monte Perez

Wikipedia describes Dear John Letters as follows: While the exact origins of the phrase are unknown, it is commonly believed to have been coined by Americans during World War II. Large numbers of American troops were stationed overseas for many months or years, and as time passed many of their wives or girlfriends decided to begin a relationship with a new man rather than to wait for the original one to return. An example would be,“Dear John,” the letter began. “I have found someone else whom I think the world of. I think the only way out is for us to get a divorce.”

After years of loyalty and years of heartbreak I am officially sending the New York Jets my Dear John Letter. I was born into the Jets family. I didn’t chose it, my older brothers and dad loved the Jets… so I had too as well. It has been kind of like an arranged marriage. Like most arranged marriages in the modern world, I need more satisfaction. I can no longer give and give and not get in return. To quote Seinfeld, for years, the Jets have had the upper hand. (Meaning they controlled the relationship no matter what).


I have suffered over the years, yes there were a few highlights, the New York Sack Exchange.  A few good years with Bill Parcells,  Chad Pennington and two AFC Championships with Rex Ryan, but I never thought the Jets were a legitimate Super Bowl Contender. The one year the Jets had legitimate championship hopes (1999)  Vinny Testaverde got hurt  in the first game and their season was basically over.


The Problem I have with the Jets is that they are literally the definition of insanity. “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Since 2001, The New England Patriots have won 12 division titles. Tom Brady is the arguable the greatest quarterback of all-time. Yet, look who the Jets have put up against him over the years. Pennington, an injured and old Brett Favre for 1 year. Mark Sanchez, Kellen Clemens, Greg McElroy, Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Jets have attacked the Patriots with Game Managers running the offense. You can’t beat the Patriots consistently with defense you need to outscore them!! The Jets go into war (or their games) with rocks, while other teams have machine guns. The NFL has implemented over 25 rule changes over the past decade to favor the offense. Yet, New York in their infinite wisdom, keep hiring defensive minded coaches. Your quarterback in today’s NFL needs to make plays. Fitzpatrick is now 11-52 when he throws the ball over 30 times per game. When the competition gets better, He Can’t win!!! (In my Adrian Balboa voice )


The Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1969 because they haven’t had an elite quarterback. It is not rocket science, and don’t tell me Ken O’Brien was elite because he wasn’t at all. (He was good not great 128 total touchdowns 98 interceptions)

Herman Edwards, Eric Mangini, Ryan and now Todd Bowles are all conservative on offense. Ryan made every quarterback worse during his time at MetLife Stadium. In every relationship that ends there is an ahhaaa moment. A moment of clarity where you just can’t anymore. You realize that no matter how much you felt for that person they are just wrong for you in every way. Sometimes it happens after a few months, sometimes a few years. But you must move on for your sanity, mental health and overall well-being.

In the Seinfeld episode George Constanza says to his girlfriend, “ You can’t break up with me, I have hand.” Her response is, “And you are going to need it.” It is over for me and the Jets. If they win I will be happy for them but I have officially moved on. As a writer/broadcaster I root more for players now and some teams,,, but like Sylvester Stallone says in Rocky I (when he is collecting money) “I am not emotionally involved”… anymore that is.


 I can’t speak for all Jets fans but it is time for me to Stop the Insanity.


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