David “Drama” Price

Jul 22, 2017; Anaheim, CA, USA; Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price (24) delivers a pitch against the Los Angeles Angels during a MLB baseball game at Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Always Something With David Price

David Price is missing his start tonight against the New York Yankees for numbness in his left hand. Alex Cora said before yesterday’s game that Price was sent back to Boston for more tests. Price threw a bullpen session on Sunday and he had to stop. It’s not certain if he’ll miss his next start or he will be on the disabled list. The last time Price felt numbness in his hand was against the Yankees at Fenway Park last month. He blamed the cold weather and that he’s always had it.

Whether or not David Price is faking it,  it’s always something with him. There is always drama with David Price he doesn’t like the media, or the fans booing him. He’d rather go home to his wife, dog, and mother in law. If he is out for a significant amount of time that is a blow to the starting rotation. Not to mention he’s making again $31 million dollars, and all he’s done is complain since he’s been here. After the Red Sox loss on Tuesday night Cora stated “We are gathering all the information, But it seems like hopefully, he’ll be back with us throughout the [road] trip. So we’ll get back to you guys tomorrow.”

David Price looks like he’ll be able to pitch later this weekend. Funny how it’s after the Yankee series. I’m not saying he’s faking it however when Price is under pressure he makes an excuse to not pitch in a big spot. Probably the reason why he can’t pitch well in October. I’m glad that he’ll return to the team and will be able to pitch maybe against the Toronto Blue Jays or sometime next week. It wasn’t that cold in New York the temperature was 66 degrees last night and will be tonight. Price pitched fine when he was in California pitching against the Angels, funny how that works. At the end of the day, it’s always something with David Price which gives him the nickname, David “Drama” Price.

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