David Barrett…The Man Behind One Shining Moment

Proud to say that Mr. Barrett is a friend of NBS

David Barrett
Photo by Andrew Sacks for The New York Times

Please stop me if you heard this one before,

“A guy walks into a bar and leaves with the greatest sports song in history, written on a napkin!”


Well then meet, One Shining Moment’s Emmy Award Winning Composer…David Barrett.

David Barrett
Photo via David Barrett.Com

CBS uses it to recap the agony and the ecstasy of March Madness.

One Shining Moment became College Basketball’s national anthem in 1987 and it symbolizes the official ( more so than the actual hardware! ) coronation of a champion.

Millions of college basketball fans are familiar with the lyrics and One Shining Moment pays tribute to the biggest award of the night in grand fashion,

The last team standing at the end of March Madness…College Basketball’s National Champion!

One Shining Moment transcends generations and the ballad that Mr. Barrett composed and it’s sang by the legendary Luther Vandross created significant more opportunities for him with CBS. It has become an integral part of the NCAA Basketball Tournament and its’ popularity continues to grow year after year.

I said it in 2017 and I will stand by my statement once again,

Mr. Barrett, other than the theme music introducing Monday Night Football…which it’s a distant second to One Shining Moment…I can not think of a bigger theme song in sports! You’re on a field by yourself, sir!”, Team NBS 


“…It’s the best song for any sport in whole world!”, Mike Krzyzewski – Duke University


Thanks, for backing me up, Coach K.

Written by Julio Olmo ~ The Voice of One!


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