The Dark Truth on Tom Brady and DeflateGate

Written by: LaShawn Encarnacion aka The Dark Knight of Sports

The ruling from the appeal hearing back on June 23rd is in and the four-game suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is being upheld. Brady continues to insist his innocence and that he will be proven innocent in a court of law. But here is the Dark Knight of Sports “Dark Truth” about this situation as it is today and how it goes into the court systems moving forward.

First of all, Tom Brady himself has written a public statement, the first since his initial punishment was handed down by the NFL. From Tom Brady’s Facebook page, the first statement from the Patriots QB since DeflateGate made its initial ruling.

Tom Brady Statement about Deflategate

I have read the statement from one Tom Brady about the ruling. Here is the Dark Truth:

There are a lot of discrepancies and contradictions in his statement.

1. He mentions that “he replaced his broken Samsung for a new iPhone 6 after his attorney’s advised him that the old phone would not be subjected to investigation.” In ANY investigation ALL evidence is considered “subject to search” and in Ted Wells investigation the phone was requested. Destroying/breaking evidence does not help Brady’s case as it looks like more guilt than innocence.

2. Brady said that “he never texted emailed or communicated to anyone about anything dealing with ball pressure issues before the AFC Championship game was mentioned.” Problem here is the text messages that already have been given from the primary culprits and those participants being kept away from NFL investigators during investigation and appeal process.

3. Lastly, Brady said “he fully cooperated with Ted Wells investigation” which by all standards is wrong. If you or anyone is wrong, there is the mindset that there is nothing to hide. If you are innocent, you give anything and everything openly and freely. Stephen A. Smith said it best, “If I were Brady, I would, in the room with Goodell and Wells, would monitor what they get from my cellphone and only regulate it to what is relevant to the investigation.”

Tom Brady has a long road ahead on him in this legal proceeding that is upcoming. First comes the preliminary injunction, which due to the cellphone being destroyed/broken it will be denied (in my person opinion).

The comes the actual case itself and with the combination of the ball handlers initial evidence combined with new evidence that WILL be uncovered with the subpoena of Tom Brady records and it does not look good for the “Golden Boy” of the NFL. Can things turn around for Brady and his innocence proven, most are hoping YES. But if Hulk Hogan situation tells us anything, NEVER underestimate what people we believe to be our personal heroes can do off camera/off the field.


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