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By: Greg Rector

The Cowboys stay in the NFC East this week against their most bitter rival the Washington Redskins. Coming off a great week one offensively, they need to do more of the same this week. Let’s take look at this Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins matchup.

After a few more practices Ezekiel Elliott should see the ball more often this week. I’m guessing around 25 to 30 touches. If the Redskins hold him down like last year’s game in D.C. (33 yards) this will be a tight game. I expect the Dallas offensive line to be in great form so Elliott should produce better numbers. If he does then everything else opens up for them. I don’t see anything changing this game in the passing attack if you’re open Prescott will get the ball to you. I don’t foresee another perfect passer rating, however, if they are consistent and keep the Redskins defense on the field with the issues they had against Philadelphia on 3rd downs especially, that will make for another long afternoon for Washington.

The Cowboys defense won’t face Derrius Guice or Jordan Reed. They will have to contend with Keenum going for the big plays, as they did in the first half last week. I expect they will be better this week as well now that guys are getting the rhythm of the season-long grind. Demarcus Lawrence and the rest of the line must force Keenum into making mistakes, which has always plagued him. The Redskins line is a patchwork in progress minus Trent Williams, putting Keenum on his backside is vital. For Smith and Vander Esche, their goal must be first and foremost to prevent Old Man River himself, Adrian Peterson from making any big runs. The Dallas secondary will have to be on the lookout for rookie wideout Terry McLaurin, who went for 125 yards total including a 69 yard TD last week. They have to be ball hawks, force a couple of turnovers to give the offense even more opportunities.

As always my concern will be how they begin each half. Since this is a road game they will need to quiet down the Redskins fans as early as possible. The message must be sent loud and clear to them that the Cowboys are the team to beat in the NFC East. Limit your mistakes, exploit their youth at several key positions, and they should be 2-0 by day’s end. I believe that’s what will happen on Sunday.


Cowboys 31 Redskins 13


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Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper (19) runs in for a touchdown against the Washington Redskins during the second half of an NFL football game in Arlington, Texas, Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018. (AP Photo/Ron Jenkins) RON JENKINS AP





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