Dallas Cowboys Corner Week 17 Recap

Dallas defeat Redskins
Michael Gallup and Dallas outraced the Redskins, but it wasn't enough for the playoffs. Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

By: Greg Rector

Dallas 47 Washington 16

The Jason Garrett era ends on a winning note. However, it was a bittersweet ending to the 2019 season.

As expected, the Cowboys dispatched the Redskins handily. So instead of a recap of a meaningless win, I am going to focus on the offseason.


Coaching staff first and foremost. Find the replacement for Garrett, and then build a group that will ignore the sideshow, and care solely about getting the players to perform at their best. I have already said my number one guy would be Ron Rivera (unfortunately, he just signed with Washington). I don’t believe going to the NCAA works. Jimmy Johnson was a rare exception like Pete Carroll, Bill Walsh, and Don Coryell were. I would also call Robert Saleh, the 49’ers defensive coordinator, satisfying the Rooney Rule.

Free agents:

Here’s where the situation gets ugly, folks. Twenty-six unrestricted free agents are currently on the roster. There’s going to be changes to this group. The Cowboys must make decisions on Prescott, Cooper, and Byron Jones before looking at anyone else. The Jones family has to decide who to keep and who to let go. This process has not been their forte. The loyalty factor, while admirable in a way, has cost the team far too often.

The Draft:

The Cowboys will have the 17th pick in a very, very deep draft year. I would seriously examine making trades to stock up as many picks as possible. I talked to draft experts who rate this draft as deep as the late 3rd round, or even well into the 4th round of serious talent. So Will McClay and the scouting staff will be very busy evaluating ability. Stockpile the picks and hope they don’t miss.

My absolute number one priority has to be Defensive Tackle. Dallas did not put enough pressure on opponents up the middle and stop the run consistently. They also need secondary help at safety and corner. I want ball hawks and tacklers, not pretty cover guys. The 17 turnovers generated this season was nowhere near good enough. On offense will need a wide receiver to replace Cooper, Cobb, or both, and find a Tight End.

So for the 24th season in a row #CowboysNation, there’s always next year. I will keep writing articles regarding the moves from the new head coach, right through free agency, and the draft.


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