Cowboys Draft: Cowboys Corner Mock

Cowboys draft: Kinlaw is a target
South Carolina lineman Javon Kinlaw could be a fitting target for the Cowboys. Credit: Getty Images

By: Greg Rector

We know the Dallas Cowboys‘ needs. So today, I take a shot at the draft for the Cowboys. Given we don’t see how the combine happens, this will be my 1.0 version based solely on addressing what the most significant needs for 2020 are. Some requirements might resolve free agency. The Cowboys have picks in each round except the 6th round. Also, no idea if any trades occur.

1st round the 17th pick

JAVON KINLAW – DT South Carolina

He was an absolute beast at the Senior Bowl. 6’6″ 310 lbs and would make Tank Lawrence’s life off the edge so much easier. I know everyone says safety here, and if that happens, my guy is XAVIER MCKINNEY– Alabama. However, when you can reach quarterbacks with four down lineman the way the 49’ers do, for example, the secondary isn’t under as much pressure. He needs to process better on reading running games, but his talent is rare. I won’t be disappointed with either player. More importantly, neither will the Cowboys, who need to make up for last year in Hill, who couldn’t get on the field.

2nd Round 51st Pick

THADDEUS MOSS- TE Louisiana State

Shhhhh Randy’s kid is terrific. With so many other positions being extremely deep and many teams set at the TE position, let’s all cross our fingers and hope no one takes Moss. At 6’3″ and already a sturdy 250 lbs, Moss can step in right away and be a reliable target for Prescott. A huge bonus is his best asset is his run blocking ability. He’s a three-down TE.

3rd Round 82nd Pick


We all know this wide receiver class is crazy with depth this year. We also can’t predict what happens with Cooper or Cobb at this point. Therefore I have Jefferson slotted at the 82nd spot. He was another shining star at the Senior Bowl. This guy is a 6’2″ and 200 lbs combination of great route running and an ability to read coverages. He will be an outstanding slot receiver.

4th Round 122nd Pick


Here’s a man can that can do something most Cowboys defenders have been brutal at doing, CAUSE TURNOVERS!!! A 6′ foot 195lb Safety he is capable of going up against TE’s and WR 3’s.

Most importantly, he tackles well and gets the ball. Not the most sizable player and needs to learn to trust his technique over getting “handsy,” downfield, but that’s something coaches can work on with him.

5th Round 156th Pick

TONY PRIDE- Corner University of Notre Dame

Yes, my Fighting Irish love might make me biased, but hey, it’s round five, so take a chance and maybe get a gem. Pride is a decent corner who, with some more work, could be entirely satisfactory. He excels in zone coverage, and has the perfect length, with a propensity to get his hands on the football. Notice what I desperately want the defense to become yet?  What are BALLHAWKS for $2000 Alex. Seven interceptions is just pathetic.

5TH Round 180th Pick (Comp pick for Beasley)

DAMIEN LEWIS – OG Louisiana State

A 6′ 3″ 322 lb guard that could become an excellent rotational player while he grows into a pro. Let’s not lose sight that Martin isn’t getting younger either. The OL looked tired at times, and fresher legs may help the run blocking. He’s a prospect, no doubt.

7th Round 233rd Pick


Granted an exemption to become draft-eligible, Coulter would be a project at this point. Adequate size at 6′ 3″ and 190 lbs. Good progression each of his three seasons so far.

Yes, plenty of mocks have the Cowboys drafting Grant Delpit. However, I am not enamored with a safety that plays more like a cover corner. That’s why I have McKinney, ranked ahead of Delpit because he’s more hard-nosed, in my opinion. Up next will be free agency, which is so wide-open this year with 26 slots alone on the Cowboys that it’s challenging to predict targets at this point. I will keep plugging away at that and have something soon.

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