Cowboys Corner: Week 6 Reaction

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By: Greg Rector

Arizona 38 Dallas 10

The Dallas Cowboys were crushed by the Arizona Cardinals last night. Beaten in every aspect of the game, and it was UGLY. Sunday night we saw a TEAM with even more players on injured reserve (18) in the 49’ers come out and defeat the Rams, the poor, poor babies in Dallas with just (12) guys on IR, well they showed up to collect a game check. In the post-game interview Coach McCarthy said “I felt like our preparation coming into the game was our best this year.” If that was the case, not once did it show up on game day. Life minus Dak Prescott, didn’t go well at all.

For those who have known me a long time, they all know I was off the Jason Garrett bandwagon pretty early on, and I suffered for another 9 long years while he clapped his way to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory repeatedly. Well my trigger finger is even itchier with his successor. This is not the right guy to coach this team. I wasn’t thrilled with his hiring and after 6 weeks he’s failed to change the culture within that dressing room. Too harsh? I don’t think so. I am a Marine Corps veteran, I lived by learning three principles, ADAPT, IMPROVISE ,and OVERCOME. The Dallas Cowboys didn’t do any of the three yet again.

Six straight weeks they have yet to even come close to establishing any semblance of dominance. Football is a mental and physical exercise, especially for the big boys in the trenches. I don’t care if it’s a patchwork offensive line, in six weeks tell me how many times you’ve seen any of them man-handle an opponent? The defense is the same sad story, no one takes on an opponent and physically beats them. No answers the challenge because they are not held accountable to themselves, nor to their teammates. It’s that simple. That falls on the head coach and his assistants. Injuries are NEVER an excuse for a lack of desire. Same old tired story orchestrated yet again by the “Maestro of Mediocrity,” Jerry Jones. Cowboys Nation treated to another coach and roster that have no clue how to DEFEND THE STAR. See the cliche’s and the mantra’s? You know why they exist? BECAUSE THEY WORK!!!

First Half

After the teams traded 3 and outs early on, the turnover bugaboo struck guess who? Ezekiel Elliott had two fumbles, giving the Cardinals great field position and they took full advantage jumping out to a 14-0 lead. Of course the Dallas defense didn’t even come close to rising to the challenge. The Cardinals made it look easy, because it was easy. Time and again falling behind and not responding with any type of character. When your offense has a turnover guys, maybe try to get one of your own to get the ball back? Is that asking too much? Must be because they NEVER do it. There wasn’t any pressure put on Murray, and the defense folded like a cheap suit.

The Cowboys lead the league in turnovers now with 15, combine with only getting 3 turnovers themselves and the 5 to 1 ratio is simply killing them. Dallas has given up a league leading 84 points off turnovers, yes 84 points for an average of two touchdowns a game. When they finally had a chance to put up 7 points late in the half, well Gallup dropped a pass he normally catches, and instead the moral victory was completed with the FG ensuring the Cowboys weren’t shutout.

Second Half

More of the same for the Cowboys in the third quarter. Backup Andy Dalton threw his second interception of the night, the Cardinals then went on their best drive of the night a nine play 79 yard drive highlighted by Kenyon Drake runs of 20 and 22 yards. The game was never in doubt as Dallas did move the ball a little bit even managing to get down to the Cardinals 16 before you guessed it, another Dalton interception. That resulted in a 60 yard hookup with Murray finding a wide-open DeAndre Hopkins for the touchdown. Finally with the game out of hand, on a simple run up the middle play to kill the clock Drake instead went right through a loaded box and scampered for 69 yards mercifully ending the onslaught.

There’s not one thing that looked for the Cowboys in the game film. There’s simply no fight in the dog from the opening kickoff to the last whistle. I witnessed the 1-15 season in 1989 and that team didn’t roll over and play dead. This group does and it’s pathetic. Two miraculous wins and four beatings later they are somehow in first place in the NFC Least with a 2-4 record. Realistically they deserve to be 0-6.

What to Do Next

Said it last week I will say it again, someone needs to be traded off this roster. No one is untouchable, this franchise needs to stockpile as many picks possible to rebuild at so many spots it’s not funny, and freeing up cap space still matters. There’s no fear in losing their jobs, but not playing with heart and desire cannot go unpunished like this. That’s why this team remains mediocre. They’ve tried everything else so in order to send a message it’s time to deal guys who are not performing, if they succeed elsewhere I can live with that. They don’t want to play for 60 minutes I don’t want them in Dallas.

Up next a date with the team with No Name as the Cowboys travel to Washington, to face another NFC Least opponent that has as many issues as the Cowboys do.

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