Cowboys Corner Week 5 Giants vs Cowboys

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By: Greg Rector

NY Giants 0-4 Dallas Cowboys 1-3

Well, the season just gets worse by the week for the Dallas Cowboys, as they prepare to face the New York Giants this Sunday. Not only did Travis Frederick retire, but La’el Collins has also had season-ending hip surgery, and now word is coming out that Tyron Smith’s neck issues are not getting any better, in fact, he may be getting shut down for the season as well. What was the strength of the team is now a definite weakness. Simply not something that is needed when the other side of the game is an absolute mess as well.

To the folks saying the Cowboys should have drafted someone other than Ceedee Lamb at 17, as in a defensive player, sorry but no one not even Patrick Queen, would have changed the play of this defense, to warrant not picking Lamb. He’s a generational type of player, goes inside and out, and is simply too good to have allowed the Eagles a shot at him.

I am sick of seeing the Dak Prescott nonsense. The guy is doing everything possible to win folks. It’s that simple. However, in football, you require 11 players all doing their part, on EVERY play to succeed. His numbers are simply unreal, but it’s because the team is forced to play that way due to a defense that couldn’t stop a wet noodle, an offensive line as noted that is now a patchwork at best, and a sudden fumbling issue for Ezekiel Elliott, isn’t helping matters any for Dak. Teams win and lose games, not just the guy under center. I’ll end my sermon with one of my favorite refrains that I apply to every quarterback “TOO MUCH CREDIT, TOO MUCH BLAME.” On to this next game.




This week should be another game filled with massive numbers for the passing game. The Giants don’t scare anyone on defense, and with the abilities of Cooper, Gallup, Lamb, Wilson, Brown, and Schultz (Questionable) there’s no reason to believe that another 400 + yard passing game is out of the realm of possibility. What must improve? The running game with Elliott. Thus far we haven’t seen the pre-season Elliott who was angry as hell that experts didn’t rank him as a top running back in the league. Time to shut them up Ezekiel is this week. Even with a weaker offensive line, there’s simply no excuse to not run for over 100 and score a TD. Holding onto the ball is advisable too. I look for the big three at WR to all get over 100 yards this week.



The off-season focus of improving the interior of the defensive line has thus far proven to be an abject failure. Dontari Poe, Tyrone Crawford, and Antwaun Woods are three of the bottom 5 in the entire league on inside running plays. The Browns game showed that in spades. This has to improve immediately. Thankfully they don’t have to face Saquon Barkley, in all honesty, if the Giants star running back was playing I would make the Giants a favorite in this game. Hearing coach McCarthy say he feels the defense isn’t trusting the scheme is another horrible sign for this team. The basics of defense are simple. There’s no need for over thinking and too many players are doing exactly that. Stop worrying about getting criticized by guys like me, and do your jobs.

Hi Demarcus and Jaylon, you two are supposed to be the leaders of this defense. Time to show it is now. Not with words but actions. Show us some damn fire in your bellies, show us that you can wreak havoc, show us you can cause turnovers, show us you are angry that neither of you are living up to the hype. The others will follow your lead. No words guys, just get the job done. Make life easier for the guys in the secondary, they need the help that pressure on Daniel Jones will provide.


Given that the Giants are just as brutal as the Cowboys at this point, the one thing that scares me is the age-old habit of playing down to the opponent. A fear that was usually correct under the previous coaching regime. Mike McCarthy already got my dander up against Seattle by not using ball control (I was right) to keep Wilson off the field, so I will go full-blown anti-Mike if I see this group play down to the Giants. It will simply be more of the totally unacceptable same old song and dance nonsense. As you guys know I wanted a DEFENSE first coach, and my patience after 26 years of failures is simply gone.

NO MERCY TIME- Cowboys 48 Giants 13


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