Cowboys Corner Week 16 Recap

By: Greg Rector

Eagles 17 Cowboys 9

So you enter a game that will decide the NFC East, you’re 0-7 when trailing after the half this season. You’ve fallen behind in 9 of 14 games as well, so when the coin toss happens, instead of giving your offense that has the most yardage in the league the ball first, you defer?? It’s just this typical lack of attention to details that keeps killing the Cowboys. Would it have made a difference? Not likely, as the running game was non-existent in the first quarter, so was the passing game. 14 paltry yards of offense, from the offense that was number one in yards going into the game. A week after not being a pass-happy scattered offense, and getting not one but two 100 yard rushing efforts, this group was pathetic from their first drive onward.

I blame everyone for this lack of focus. Garrett, Moore, Kitna, and the line coaches, all failed to do what this team is capable of yet again. There was no domination by the line in evidence at all. When the middle of your line is all Pro-Bowl bound, and you see that type of lackluster effort you know the day is going to end in a defeat. 44 pass attempts that yielded a grand sum of three successful field goals. A mere 54 yards rushing, simply put they played brutally.

The defense was its typical pedestrian self. Not one sack or turnover for the game. Tackling early on was horrible, as Wentz moved the Eagles at will, allowing the Eagles to get that 10-0 lead.  This group simply doesn’t make big plays. They are over coached in my opinion. That leads to the same issues the offense has, they have no singular focus. I know they can still make the playoffs with a win and the Eagles, losing to the Giants. Thanks, but no thanks. This bunch has no business being near the playoffs.

Dysfunction is the disease that keeps on festering in Dallas. As anyone who has read my articles, or seen my tweets knows, I think Garrett, is the worst head coach in football. He’s been enabled by an owner more concerned with the “brand,” and the billions in revenue. So it was fitting that after the game, the press conferences, etc… the Cowboys charter plane had issues. They couldn’t even get out of Philadelphia. How fitting for this team.

I have three candidates to replace “Coach Clapper.” My first choice is a pure football guy in Ron Rivera. Why Rivera? Simply put he won’t care about the circus in the owner’s box. He has proven to be a very dedicated football coach. His teams were tough to face, something that can no longer be said in Dallas. I think we’ve had enough of the offense being the focal point between the Romo, and Prescott years. Rivera had the Panther’s playing well in all three phases. My second choice would be Lincoln Reilly. He might get this group to tune in, instead of being tuned out. Though I am leery of him being able to bring professional players to that level. Finally Urban Meyer. He has those NCAA titles. Would it take very long though for the egomaniac owner to start clashing with him?

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