Cowboys Corner Week 15 Recap

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By: Greg Rector

Dallas 44 L.A. Rams 21

Just when you think you know something, you get your butt handed to you. I am writing this basically in shock. Everything that was supposed to wrong, and lately has for the Cowboys, went wrong for the Rams Sunday afternoon.  My prediction was dead wrong, and I will eat the crow gladly.

Keys to the game:

The Cowboys played for 60 minutes for only the second time this season. As you have read many times from my previous articles, it’s all about the effort for 60 minutes for me. Well, we got that from Dallas in spades. In all three phases of the game, the Cowboys dominated the Rams.


How does 263 yards rushing grab you? How about Tony Pollard having more rushing yards than Elliott? The two backs combined for 3 TD’s as well. This was simply the best the offensive line has played all season. Pollard was supposed to be this pass-catching back, well he is proving that he is a good running back. The one play in the second half alone, he broke 5 yes 5 tackles. Totally dominated the war in the trenches. Silenced Aaron Donald, and protected Prescott with no sacks given up. Prescott only had 212 yards passing, with a big 59-yard chunk of that on a pass to Austin, who was so wide open (16.8 yards of separation on the play biggest in the league this season) after two defenders took themselves out of the play, that it was a very easy six points.

Special Teams:

Three for three on field goals, and no missed extra points. Kai Forbath with a very good debut. Chris Jones also was very effective on his two punts. What a nice change after so many frustrating misses with Maher, all season long.


Everything that has been wrong so many times this year with this unit, was turned on its head in this game. They tackled, they tackled for losses, and they even forced turnovers. This was simply put the best defense they have played all year. The rush defense was so good that Gurley was limited to 20 yards on the ground. Antwan Woods played like his career depended on it for a change. A wounded silver back grizzly bear is considered one of the most dangerous animals in the wild. Well in this game a wounded Sean Lee, had his best game in a very long time. The only sack of the day, but he made huge plays all game long. When the game was out of reach they did give up some plays, but overall I can finally give the Cowboys defense an A.

By every measure, the Dallas Cowboys players were finally on the field, what they are supposed to be on paper. They indeed put aside the outside noise concerning the coach, the owner etc… They played a complete game and deserve the kudos. The question is now can they repeat this effort in Philadelphia next Sunday. Stay tuned.

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