Cowboys Corner- The Garrett Era Ends/ McCarthy’s Begins

Former Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy looks on during the second quarter of a Sept. 16, 2018 game against the Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wis. Jeff Hanisch / USA TODAY Sports

By: Greg Rector


So about 30 minutes before the end of the Eagles/Seahawks wild card game, the news we knew was coming was made official, Jason Garrett is no longer the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Congratulations Jerry you acted like a grown-up and didn’t turn this into anything more than it needed to be. A professional decision, based on what is best for the organization. No tearful press conference, hugs, etc…

Now #CowboysNation awaits the next head coach. Will they hire another offensive coach? I hope not though Mike McCarthy is the front-runner at the quarter pole. As you all know, I prefer a defensive coach to create an identity, so sorely needed by this franchise. So Robert Saleh will remain my preference.

Whomever the final choice is, job number one must be changing the culture. The acceptance of being happy to be a Cowboy can no longer be tolerated. In its place, a fierce pride to “Defend The Star,’ culture must be the priority. Getting the players to understand what it takes to be a champion, the focus must be singular, the commitment complete, to achieve the prize that hasn’t even been sniffed at in 24 long seasons.

Jerry and Stephen, there is no need for either one of you to speak on the radio or TV during the season. Get out of the way, stop being a distraction. Make winning games your priority, not feeding the media machine. There’s too much talk and not enough action as the saying goes. It’s been accepted and encouraged for too long.

Give the next coach breathing room. Make the results on the field the only concern. The rest takes care of itself. Win a Super Bowl and watch the value Forbes puts on the number one brand in the entire sports world. Trust me, it will be a whole lot more than the over 5 billion dollars currently.

That next head coach is Mike McCarthy, the former Packers head honcho, who has a nice resume. 135-85-2, with a Super Bowl victory in SB XLV.  One bonus in McCarthy is his Pennsylvania roots. They don’t play soft in western Pennsylvania. This hire will be perfect for the big names on offense. I still want to know where this defense is headed. Will Richard be moved up to the coordinator slot? Or will there be a new direction. For me, that is the biggest concern for this offseason.

ESPN’s Ed Werder asked a team source what three criteria the new coach must bring that will be different. The answer he received? FEAR, ACCOUNTABILITY, AND DISCIPLINE. Music to my ears. Does this mean Jerry and Stephen become quieter? I certainly hope so. Those three keys can’t happen when everyone tunes out the coaches in favor of the sideshow the Jones family has.

Again make this the only mantra going forward, “DEFEND THE STAR.”


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