Cowboys Corner: Summer Update

By Greg Rector

1. Training camp is just around the corner (fingers crossed) and as I write this there is no long-term deal in place with Dak Prescott. Personally I am not losing any sleep over the business side between Prescott and the Cowboys. I believe in the end they will come to an agreement. Prescott wants to be a Cowboy, and the franchise wants him as well. Patrick Mahomes massive deal isn’t the complication. The length of the deal is the key stumbling block.

2. The silence from Jerry Jones over Black Lives Matters, and the national anthem etc… This too will be resolved. I believe once camp opens you will see a major announcement from JJ. The team has had in place for two years a program regarding race relations and did release a video in June on all social media platforms. However until the only owner in the NFL who has press conferences after games, and his own radio show, speaks out publicly many will remain unsatisfied, including me. Both Dontari Poe, and Gerald McCoy have spoken out about the silence from Jones.

3. I don’t see the Cowboys bringing in Clowney, trading for Chris Jones or David Njoku. There will be no Jamaal Adams trade either. That’s all just blather that comes with being the Cowboys. As soon as folks here a name might be available, the “fanatics,” get working overtime to dream up schemes that see Dallas getting any of them into the uniform. Said for ages just ignore this stuff, it so rarely pans out.

4. If there is going to be a season the NFLPA and the league must also come to an agreement on pay structure over pandemic concerns, and the possibility of a shortened season. This might be the most worrisome issue that could derail the season.

5. As I write this on July 13th, 2020 the obituaries for our most hated rival the Washington Redskins are being written. Established July 9th, 1932 and from day one of the Cowboys existence in 1960 they have been the franchise that Dallas loves to beat the most. I don’t care what their new name will be at all. Just glad that Snyder finally was pressured by corporate sponsors and overwhelming public opinion to get rid of that name once and for all

6. Hopefully training camp starts and we can focus on what the new coaching regime and new players bring to the Cowboys for the 2020 season. Will the offense be a juggernaut? Do Cooper, Gallup, and Lamb, become the best receiving group in the league? Does Elliott run wild against defenses tired of chasing those three receivers? Will Dak not have critical mistakes at the worst possible moments? Will this coaching staff have them ready to start games? Can they keep the team focused for 60 minutes week in and week out?  Can this defense be more aggressive at getting to quarterbacks and creating turnovers? That’s what I hope to be writing about as the season unfolds.


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