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By Greg Rector:

We have labor peace settled for the next ten years in the NFL. Now that there is certainty on that front, the next steps can be taken by the Cowboys. This is especially true now that the salary cap has been set at $198.5 million for the 2020 season.

Step One: Franchise tag Dak Prescott. It doesn’t mean that a long-term deal can’t be worked out between the two sides, they have until July to get a multi-year done. Even without that, he will make $33 million this season.

Step Two : Sign Amari Cooper.

The team has made it clear they want him, and Cooper has made it clear he wants to remain a Dallas Cowboy. With cost certainty now in the equation, I expect a deal to be announced very soon.

Step Three : Free Agent Targets.

The Cowboys have just over $70 million in salary-cap space, some of that will go obviously to the two players noted above. From what I have seen and heard the number one target for the Cowboys will be Cornerback Chris Harris, formerly of the Broncos. Two big reasons will be his veteran leadership, and the fact he brings 20 plus turnovers for his career.

That brings us to who the Cowboys will bring back from last year. On that front, pass rusher Robert Quinn and Randall Cobb, are both priorities. We may also see Dez Bryant return if they can agree on a salary, incentive-laden deal. If Bryant and Cobb are added to Gallup, and Cooper, there’s zero chance of a WR in the first round.

That, of course, brings us to the draft, whether it’s still April 23rd to April 25th, or moved to May, the pick will be at Corner or Safety. I believe that safety Xavier McKinney from Alabama will be the choice. The new defense coaches seem to want two things to change, tackling and going after the football, those will be the priorities, and McKinney has shown that against both the pass and the rush, he is a very solid tackler.

With the uncertain future of so many things thanks to the COVID 19 situation, let’s keep all this in perspective folks. While we as fans all want to see a return to normalcy, it might like the other sports not to happen on the dates we are use to. Don’t panic, the league will go on, and we will have our game that we love to return, all in due course.


I will do another Mock Draft version 2.0 soon.


Take care of yourselves and each other.


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