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covid 19 impacts NFL draft
Covid 19 may well deter the NFL draft. However, hold tight, folks, we'll get through. Credit: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

By: Greg Rector

Terrifying World

This is a terrifying world we have entered since the COVID 19 virus pandemic has come into being.

Sports are rightfully taking a backseat to the real world right now. As I write this, the NBA suspended its season after Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID 19. This decision follows the announcement that both the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments would still happen. Quickly, however, the NCAA canceled both.

A huge bright spot was Mark Cuban’s reaction. He was in disbelief when he looked at his phone and saw the news as his Mavericks were playing the Nuggets. After expressing his shock, he clearly stated he was going to make sure those who can least afford to be impacted by the suspension, the arena crews, ushers, and other staff, would be treated well. This was echoed by a couple of other organizations. It’s nice to see profit take a back seat to the real human effects this virus is causing.

We can survive this break in the action, the lack of the tournament, and organizers canceling other events. Those who make our nights more pleasurable at the games by serving our needs, those are the folks that need to be looked after, first and foremost. The athletes won’t be hurt at all.

NFL Draft

Now one event that the NFL hasn’t yet canceled is the draft scheduled for Las Vegas. However, I fully expect an announcement very soon. You know what? It isn’t necessary today to have the sizable gathering anyway. Every NFL team war room can simply make their selection online. The one bonus out of doing the draft this way is none of the “insiders” will be able to tweet out a pick before the commissioner announces it. It will be a pleasant change from the last few years. No worries, folks, the draft will proceed, just in a different format.

Just for a while, folks, let’s worry about each other’s well being. Let’s not argue the merits of Giannis versus LeBron for MVP. Let’s not be too wrapped up in a basketball tournament, instead check on elderly neighbors, see if they need anything as they are the most vulnerable to this virus. Maybe something like this will be the catalyst to seeing us treat one another better in this crazy world and time.


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