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By: Greg Rector


Green Bay 34 Dallas 24

Week 5 was another typical performance all too familiar to Cowboys Nation. One half of football only. This oft-repeated refrain is what makes the Cowboys a playoff team, but prevents them from being a Super Bowl threat. There’s a reason they play for 60 MINUTES!!!

This loss goes to not being sharp to start a game. Wonder where to lay the blame for that? Look no further than the “Master of Mediocrity,” Jason Garrett. What did the Packers game film show the Cowboy’s coaching staff? Mmmm maybe that they start fast? Maybe that they create turnovers early? Maybe a former league and Super Bowl MVP, a guy named Rodgers, on a short field would be deadly? Are you getting the picture?

The moment that Amari Cooper, had that pass go off his hands, I went oh no not again. Every time they play the Packers, it seems they get a tipped pass for an interception. However, minus their best receiver the Packers ran the ball at the Cowboys line which has yet to be at full strength this season. Aaron Jones took full advantage of that. Jones went on to score 4 touchdowns and helped set a fantasy football record day by being one of 5, yes 5 players to break the 40 point mark. Full credit for taking advantage of horrible execution by Dallas.

I took a lot of grief two seasons ago for praising the hated Eagles on their Super Bowl run. Well, the main reason I respected that team so much was real simple. They played 60 minutes a week in and week out. That doesn’t happen in Dallas, and that will be the weakness teams will exploit to defeat the Cowboys.

Speaking of poor execution, I believe that Kellen Moore was held back this week by the head coach. Right from the opening series, the calls were all too reminiscent of Garrett’s days as the OC. Down 14 and then by 17, still not insurmountable, and the ball doesn’t get into the hands of the most dangerous weapon on the roster Ezekiel Elliott. Twelve carries, that was it. You have the horse and leave him in the barn? The interceptions killed the Cowboys early, but you cannot win when you do not take advantage of an opponent who the week prior gave up huge yardage on the ground.cowboys corner

After the debacle that was the first half,  y’all know what the Cowboys did. They shredded the Packers defense. Cooper gained 226 receiving yards, while the returning Michael Gallup had 113 yards. I’m sure many had their hopes up, only to see them dashed with more poor execution down the stretch, including a missed field goal. Both teams have the same lack of a 60-minute mentality, just reversed. The Packers are 4-1 because it’s easier to defend a big lead than it is to come back.

I was on with the guys from the First and Goal podcast (Packers guys)  after the game, we all agreed the Packers won this game, this wasn’t handed to them by the Cowboys. The turnovers need to be far fewer, but most importantly going forward the Cowboys must play a complete 60 minutes of football. Until that becomes the expectation and is demanded by coaches and players alike, this will be a good team, but will not be a true championship-caliber roster.

Want to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl? Start the Packers and then at halftime turn it over to Dallas….lol

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