COVID’s Alarming Breach In The NBA

There's No Perfect Plan, But a Better Plan Is Needed

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By: Henry Curi

As expected, the NBA faces its most challenging span with COVID-19 under 20 games into the season. Commissioner Adam Silvers knew this scenario was inevitable, but the virus’s impact isn’t severe enough yet to demand drastic measures.

The Seth Curry situation became the first domino to fall. A positive test reported halfway through the Sixers-Nets game opened a gaping question. What else is faulty?

Aside from the timing of test results, the NBA used contact tracing to halt further transmissions. However, this tactic left rosters handicapped.

The following Sixers game, against the Nuggets, Philidelphia only had seven active players due to health and safety protocols. Ben Simmons and Joel Embidd landed on the list, putting both stars in a predicament out of their control.

Unfortunately, the situation deteriorated.

Sunday, the Celtics experienced their dabble with reality. The team had nine players unavailable to play against the Heat. The NBA required a minimum of eight players to play, and the team couldn’t uphold those standards.

As more players test positive each day, the possibility of a pause to the season looms over the league. On Tuesday, the NBA held a Board of Governors meeting that resulted in stricter protocols amongst players and staff, reports ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Unknown Future

These new rules are only a few initiated by the league thus far. As the weeks go by, though, it seems almost inevitable for more problems to arise. If the virus’s impact gets worse, the only logistical option would be to pause the season. With rosters thinning and games postponed, it may be best to push the reset button.

Rescheduling matches, imminent effects on broadcast crews leading to possible job insecurity, and lack of sponsorship revenue would devastate the league. The idea of another bubble comes with its set of challenges as isolating all 30 teams is a colossal task.

In a scenario where players and staff could get immediate vaccinations, these problems would start dwindling. Of course, that scenario is far out of their reach as they mainly fall under the low-risk category, according to the CDC.

It will take time for the league to be stable. Until then, new plans and stricter rules will have to do, as the NBA is up against a more difficult season than the last. In retrospect, that’s saying a lot.

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