Coming Up Short

coming up short

Well, Skeleton National Team Trials have concluded and athletes are starting to disperse around the world in preparation for the first international races on their respective circuits. I finished ranked seventh at the USA Team trials placing me on the Europa Cup, a development tour based in Europe. This year’s Team Trials were super tight. The final results were separated by mere points. I was in a position of contention to snag the final Intercontinental spot (ICC), but my inconsistency left too much of a margin to keep me within range of making the National Team (top six). 

How do I feel?

Initially, the news of not making the National Team was disappointing, I was within reach and I had failed to put two races together to maintain my position. However, after some time of reflection and a discussion with my coaches, I realized I am not what’s best for the team in that final spot with ICC. What was frustrating was seeing the push and downtimes I had and imagining ‘if only I was able to put them together what kinds of leaps of progression would I have made’? But imaging does nothing for data. It doesn’t boost my stats. The team needs consistency; they need someone who can put two runs together and execute a quality race to be able to represent Team USA amongst the international competition. I have not done that. 

Sooo…now what?

By no means am I putting myself down, it’s just the truth. I’ve got some work to do, and now is that time to get to work! There is so much knowledge and experience surrounding me on my home track- it’s hard not to get excited about absorbing and mapping out an execution. There are so many variables that go into each day of sliding such as the temperature of the ice versus the air, the amount of wind blowing, the snow that drifts into the exposed parts of the track, the sun and temperature rising during a session, where each athlete lies in the start order and so much more. For now, I take each run down the track as a one-minute lesson plan in preparation for the ultimate test: race day.

Let’s GOOOO!

Before I make the jump across the pond to start the Europa Cup, I will compete in my first race this season at the Lake Placid NAC  with members of the USA ICC and NAC teams. There are a number of nations represented at this race from all over the world, some making their skeleton debut!

Follow my journey!

If you would like to follow the progress of the upcoming races you can follow me on Instagram OR go to the IBSF Website to get more information about bobsled and skeleton. 

If you are interested in supporting my sliding endeavors you can show your support by snagging a #mystiquevsskeleton shirt from my Online Store or support my  Campaign. 



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